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7 Reasons Why Jonathan Should Not Have Replied Obasanjo’s Letter


As President Jonathan and his political godfathers’ naked dance in the market generates reactions, Leadership experts say Jonathan shouldn’t have replied him for reasons:

1.     He is the sitting President. People careless about what happened in Obasanjo’s govt. People look up to current leaders to fix things.

2.   Taking on Obasanjo in a tit-for-tat manner elevates a citizen (whoever) to an alternate President.

3.    Reactions from Obasanjo are veritable points for opposition. And each day, the issue comes up for debate Jonathan loses.

4.    Any reply is always defensive; a desperate manouver out of a boxed corner by a rattled person. It is unpresidential.

5.    There can’t be objective response to popular sentiment raised by Obasanjo. Thing are bad economically. It is unwise to fight a war you cannot win.

6.    A President soaks in insults, even those from predecessors. Its’s part of the job. The popular leadership refrain is; if you cannot stand the heat, don’t get in the kitchen.

7.    Obasanjo has nothing to lose, A reply to him is like a tonic to do more rofo-rofo fight, his antecedent speaks volume. The best way out for Jonathan – ignore the hawks, embrace the doves, concentrate.

Obasanjo expressed pains over his previous 3 unreplied lettters  to Jonathan… That’s the only way Jonathan can punish Obasanjo quietly.

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