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7 Signs That Indicate End Of The Road For Saraki Today!

As he appears before code of conduct Tribunal today he is making history as first Senate President to be docked for criminal offences. He cannot come back unscratched. Reasons:
1.   The legal drama, arrest warrant and unwillingness to appear has spoil his case, if any.
2.    Forces against him are legion since he maneuvered himself to Senate Presidency. Tinubu caucus, any many of the APC guys are poised.
3.     Buhari’s “I don’t care, it’s a judicial matter” attitude is a minus for Saraki’s case…. No where to run or beg, unlike Jonathan era!
4.      A desperate move is on amongst Senators to remove him. There was a meeting last Sunday at a Senator’s residence; 25 Senators attended, & 50,000 is available for each Senator who join Saraki-must-go movement.
5.       The plot to get Saraki began with his wife trial. He is a clear target. A little slip on legal matters, he’ s gone!
6.       He offended Obasanjo by saying parliament ‘all extend probe to Obasanjo era. Obasanjo is not known with forgiven spirit. He must hack down. You can see why Saraki is a goner!
7.     Somehow the groundswell of public opinion is too heavy against Saraki in this case. Nigerians are up in arms againstd anything corruption trial, even when it is alleged.

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