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She Baby, Kemi Afolabi fight dirty over Odunlade Adekola

odunlade adekola kemi afolabiFamous Yoruba actresses Seyi Ariyo (She Baby) and Kemi Afolabi washed their dirty linen in public as they fought over talented actor, Odunlade Adekola. The fight which started with Kemi Afolabi borrowing clothes from She Baby which she refused to give back has gotten the attention of the President of The Golden Movie Ambassadors of Nigeria (TSMAN) but the actresses are yet to let all sleeping dogs lay.

She Baby in an interview revealed that “Dating Odun? That’s rubbish. What’s my business with Odun? Everybody knows it’s Kemi who is dating Odun. So, why can we be fighting over Odunlade? I am happily married to cry out aloud.” Also speaking with Kemi Afolabi, she disclosed that she does not have anything to say concerning the She Baby, adding that she I too busy at the moment to attend to such trivial matters.

Kemi Afolabi said: “I don’t want to make any further comment on the issue. I am too busy for that. I have a lot of things I am doing now. So, I can’t be talking on any trivial issue of such. She Baby is the one looking for cheap publicity. She is a producer, I am an actor. I was on her location and she refused to pay for my hotel accommodation. And it’s true I had her clothes with me in my car but I told her to pay for my hotel which she refused.

Anyway, I have responded on my Instagram page. You can check details about the whole thing.” When asked to shed light on her rumoured romance with Odunlade Adekola which allegedly was the cause of the rancor between herself and She Baby and she reacted saying: “That’s not true. I am a married woman, how can I be fighting over a married man? Odunlade Adekola is also married. You should know it’s just a fiction. I am not dating Odunlade Adekola.”

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