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Saturday , 26 May 2018

Buhari’s Frail Look,’Only Attire’ Engage Critics Attention

The classical saying that, Prejudice die hard is coming true in the case of president Buhari’s ill health. The issues are  that he was dead, failed to speak; confined to a bed with his brain dead. Now, it is the issue of the colour of jalabia he wears and how many they are!

Rethorical questions are flying around:Do you know why the old men wear black dress and neck cover? Take a close look at the material Buhari also put on? i live in london and trust me today was so cold i wore a very thick jacket .. i would serious doubt this old men can be escorted out in this weather the way they are. this picture must have been taken some time in aug or sept last year. and are we saying every time buhari is in a pic in london he dey wear the same cloth and cap. the pic was taken 2013 during the alliance of acn and cpc

Buhari is apparently a vegetable, and Nigeria as it is today is on live support,
not sure who to save first.He does look frail, I can see why some say it will take four months before he’s back on the job. He’s in no position to handle stresses of running the country.

If Buhari is well enough to attend to visitors and take pictures with them, why then is it difficult for him to speak to Nigerians for five minutes and rest all these speculations and tongues wagging in the system and almost grinding things to a halt. Is he that insensitive to the plight and feelings of a nation he rules over and claims to love?

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