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Buhari ”ll not be back soon..Aides Extends Hotel Bookings Till March

Expecting President Buhari back to Nigeria may not be that soon,Sources have revealed that the pool of aides traveling with President Buhari have extended their hotel booking in London by at least one month starting from February 6th 2017. This means that the earliest Mr. Buhari would make it back to Nigerian soil is in early March.

Mr. Buhari has progressively lost weight due to his illness and course of treatment, sources disclosed.

However, some members of the president’s inner political circle continue to pressure Mr. Buhari’s doctors in the UK to allow him to return to Abuja, even if for a short time, in order to give the impression that his recovery was on course. We understand that the UK doctors have so far resisted the pressures, stating that it would be professionally irresponsible of them to clear Mr. Buhari at this stage to take up the demands of the Presidency. “I understand that the doctors [in the UK] have made it clear that Mr. President’s flight back to Nigeria could complicate things for him,” one source said.

Some political figures, particularly governors of some northern states, have been spending extending times in London and making efforts daily to meet with the ill president. However, such meetings with Mr. Buhari have also become difficult to arrange since the ailing president’s doctors have cautioned against his meeting and smooching with visiting politicians, citing the significant drain on his already low energy. “The doctors have become very stern in restricting access to him [President Buhari],” said one source. “As a result, so many of the visiting politicians do not even get to see Mr. Buhari before returning to Nigeria empty handed,” he added.

President Buhari’s doctors in the UK have recommended that he would need at least a period of four months away from power to receive the full regimen of treatment for his several health challenges. A source said the president was undergoing therapy related to his prostate, declining to be more specific. A different source disclosed that the treatment had partially affected President Buhari’s voice, at one point making it almost impossible to hear him.

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