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Saturday , 23 June 2018

Pastor Claims..God hates woman-on-top, oral and doggy sex styles

Pastor Olugbenga Oladejo of the Complete In Christ Church, UK, has said eternal punishment in fire is the portion of men who allow their wives to mount them during sex, men who love the doggy style of sex; and worse, men who love oral sex!

“The Lord has made the man the head, not the woman.“So, those men who enjoy their wives coming on top of them on their matrimonial bed, the Lord says they are not coming to heaven at all!

“Because they practise immorality on their bed. They change the ordinances of God on their bed.

“The Lord said He made man the head, and so shall it be. You cannot change that ordinance.”

See video:

Equally sanctioned  is the doggy style, whereby the man enters the woman from the rear as she kneels on all four in front of him!

According to Oladejo, this style of sex practically turns the woman into a four-footed beast and is therefore capable of sending the practitioners to hell.

The fiery preacher thundered, “The Lord did not create you to behave like a dog on your matrimonial bed with your wife; or like a goat, or like a cow, or like a chicken.

“Those who do that are not going to make it to heaven.”

He said the “natural way” that God has made sex to be is for man to lie on top of the woman, and anything to the contrary risks divine chastisement.

Sexologists describe this “natural” style of sex act as the “missionary position.” It is the only natural way of having sex that God allows, according to Pastor Oladejo.

Those who practise anything short of the missionary position “serve the spirit of lust,” the pastor deposed.

In order to assure his congregation that the prophecy was never his own idea, Oladejo said he had received the vision several months before he eventually had the nerves to share it with his congregation.

“I really didn’t want to share it with people, but the Lord laid it in my heart because He wants to use it to save the souls of His children who are on their way to hell,” Oladejo said.

Quoting from the book of prophet Isaiah chapter 33, verse 14 (which has no bearing to sex, by the way), Oladejo narrated how the Lord showed him the vision of hell fire.

An angel had taken him to a department in hell, Oladejo claimed, where married men who engaged in masturbation, oral sex, and woman-on-top sex positions were given the worst form of torture imaginable.

Quoting again from Isaiah 24: 5, he said the Lord informed him that His children commit immorality on their beds, changing the “ordinances of everlasting covenant” as God had ordained it.

The affected ‘ordinances,’ as Oladejo claimed he was told, include the following:

• Woman-on-top sexual position

• Rear-entry doggy style. The book of Romans 1: 30 came handy here.

• Men and women who masturbate

• Oral sex

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