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Monday , 16 July 2018

Actors Tackle Bayowa for Moji Olaiya burial film

Bayowa has penchant for feeding fat on other people’s misfortune…doing commercial production with Moji Olaiya ‘s burial…that is the impression..And the recording and production of Moji Olaiya’s burial programme by Bayowa Films has fuelled the thinking,.It is still generating controversy.

On Tuesday, the Ibadan Film Circle, an online stakeholders’ forum, expressed disgust at the decision of the company founded by seasoned marketer, Gbenga Adewusi, to produce it.

On the platform are actors, producers, directors, scholars and administrators that include Niji Akanni, Segun Arinze, Yinka Ogundaisi, Deji Adenuga, Remi Raji and Tunde Olaoye.

 Adewusi has, however, defended himself, saying there was no ulterior motive or commercial reason behind his effort.

In a statement signed by Akanni, an award-winning movie director, who is also the IFC’s administrator, the forum noted that it was disturbed by the action  of Adewusi,  who, according to the IFC, had allegedly produced the work without authorisation by the Olaiya family and made it into VCDs in a manner that suggested it was for sale.

“We believe that, unless otherwise determined by her immediate family, the video of Ms. Olaiya’s burial is legally the private property of her estate. It is absolutely distasteful and brutally wicked for an enterprise to engage in acts which tend to show it as reaping from the sweat, sorrow and tears of others,” the IFC said.

But, in a swift reaction on Tuesday, Adewusi maintained a position he had earlier expressed that he was not out to make money off the recording.

In the statement directed at the forum, he said, “I’m Mayor Bayowa Gbenga Adewusi, chairman, Bayowa Films and YorubaSwagaTV. I’m just reading your malicious  press release about me and my company.  I’m innocent of your false accusations. If you don’t know, go and ask the Moji Olaiya Burial Committee. I contributed a lot to the farewell service of songs and tribute night and none of you bad belle people attended. I never released or plan to release any recording on VCD or DVD. My recording was showing on my Yoruba Swaga Television Channel 310 on Consat and YouTube.”

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