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Friday , 25 May 2018

Actor Akin Lewis says ”I’m In My 3rd Marriage, 2 collapsed

Veteran actor Akin Lewis is of the opinion that it is not
necessary for a married man to wear a ring. Mr Lewis who stopped wearing a ring years ago said wedding rings that Nigerians so cherish doesn’t stop young ladies from having an affair with a married man.

In a recent telephone chat with Sunday Scoop, the actor revealed why he married three times. See excerpts:

“I am in the category of people who don’t have to wear wedding rings to show that they are married. Every married man is in trouble; with ring or not, women will come.

For me, I have been in this business for a long time. “Doctors get to a point you don’t call them doctors anymore. They call them ‘mister’ because they are more experienced than consultants.

So, I think I have gotten to that level that I don’t need to wear a ring and my wife doesn’t get bothered about it”. “Even these ladies want a man with the ring. The reason is that he is not likely to marry another girl because they are not ready to marry and he is likely to have money.

They believe that if he has provided for his family, he must have money. They like the man with the ring because they feel single guys are still struggling.” “When my first wife wanted to leave me, I made efforts to make things work, but I couldn’t save it. I went into another marriage that did not work out as well. I didn’t want to stay single for too long because I knew I would become promiscuous. This is my third marriage and it is working out fine.”

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