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Monday , 18 February 2019

How Fayose, Wike corner PDP Convention…winners list

 Governors Nyesom Wike of Rivers State and his Ekiti State counterpart, Ayo Fayose have been acussed of imposing Secondus on the party.

A ‘unity list’ (which contained the names of favoured candidates for the 21 positions available for election yesterday)

”The PDP governors and some of our respected elders did their homework and we all agreed to adopt the Unity List which is fair to all.

“We reached a consensus on Secondus and all those on the list as the next members of the National Working Committee.

“The election was a walkover for Secondus and 20 others.

“In fact, some of those who stepped down earlier also adopted the Unity List and mobilized their state delegates to vote along the list.”

Adeniran and some of his supporters walked out of the Eagle Square, Abuja at about 9.11pm in protest against the adoption of the Unity List and compelling of delegates to vote for those on the list.

PDP 2017 Convention Unity List


S/N                       POSITION                                                         NAME                                                            STATE                      ZONE                             

1                      NATIONAL CHAIRMAN                                       PRINCE UCHE SECONDUS                                  RIVERS            SOUTH-SOUTH

2                      DEPUTY NAT. CHAIR. SOUTH                             ELDER YEMI AKINWONMI                               OGUN               SOUTH-WEST

3                      DEP. NAT. CHAIRMAN NORTH                          SEN. GAMAWA BABAWA GARBA                     BAUCHI             NORTH EAST

4                      NATIONAL SECRETARY                                        SENATOR IBRAHIM TSAURI                             KATSINA           NORTH-WEST

5                      DEPUTY NAT. SECRETARY                                  DR. AGBO EMMANUEL                                          BENUE         NORTH-CENTRAL

6                      NATIONAL TREASURER                                       HON. ARIBISALA ADEWALE                                 EKITI                SOUTH-WEST

7                      DEP. NATIONAL TREASURER                            ALH. WADA MASU                                                    KANO              NORTH-WEST

8                      FINANCIAL SECRETARY                                    ABDULLHAI HUSSEINI MAIBASARA                    NIGER        NORTH-CENTRAL

9                      DEP. FIN. SEC                                                          HON. IRONA ALPHONSUS GERALD                    IMO                SOUTH-EAST

10                   NAT. ORG. SECRETARY                                        COL. AUSTIN AKOBUNDU (RTD)                          ABIA                 SOUTH-EAST

11                   DEP. NAT. ORG. SECRETARY                             BARR. HASSAN YAKUBU                                   NASARAWA          NORTH-EAST

12                   PUBLICITY SECRETARY                                       KOLA OLOGBONDIYAN                                          KOGI             NORTH-CENTRAL

13                   DEP. NAT. PUB. SECRETARY                               HON. DIRAN ODEYEMI                                          OSUN                 SOUTH-WEST

14                   NATIONAL LEGAL ADVISER                             BAR. EMMANUEL ENOIDEM                             AKWA IBOM       SOUTH-SOUTH

15                   DEP. NAT. LEGAL ADVISER                                BAR. AHMED BELLO LIMAN                              SOKOTO                NORTH-WEST

16                   NATIONAL AUDITOR                                            MAI ADAMU MUSTAFA                                       YOBE                        NORTH-EAST

17                   DEP. NAT. AUDITOR                                    MISS    DIVINE AMINA ARONG                               CROSS  RIVER        SOUTH SOUTH

18                   NATIONAL WOMEN LEADER                          HAJ. MARIYA WAZIRI                                               KEBBI                NORTH-WEST

19                   DEP. NAT. WOMEN LEADER                              UMORU ADIZET AUDREY HADIZAT                     EDO                 SOUTH-SOUTH

20                   NAT. YOUTH LEADER                                            RT. HON. UDEH OKOYE                                         ENUGU                SOUTH-EAST

21                   DEP. NAT. YOUTH LEADER                                UMAR BABANGIDA MAINA                                 ADAMAWA            NORTH-EAST.

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