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”Obasanjo thinks Nigeria is about him alone”

It is the season of letter writing as the 2019 approach. The first in the series has been released by Obasanjo himself, the seasonal letter writer. Remember the one he wrote to Jonathan before the 2015 elections apparently warning against contesting because he promised to do only one term? Now, he is at it again asking Buhari not to seek a second term in office. That’s OBJ for you.
Let me say this, the most dangerous set of human beings are those who think no one is better than them.
I remember vividly when OBJ was advised not to seek a second term in 2003, by adopting the Mandela option. Mandela himself advised against running again resulting in the then OBJ,s attack dog, FFK calling Mandela unprintable names. Of course Obj secured a second term in office and attempted a third term. He gave N50m bribe to each Senator and N45m to each Reps member to support the third term agenda. The principled ones among them rejected the bribe and raised the alarm . That agenda was defeated because the then Senate President, Ken Nnamani allowed live coverage of the third term debate. So, the lawmakers who collected bribes were not bold enough to speak in favour of the third agenda because they knew people were watching them at home . The third agenda collapsed .
Just as OBJ argued in 2003, that he had the democratic right to seek reelection, so also Buhari has the democratic right to seek a second. Of course Nigerians also have the democratic right to vote for or against Buhari in 2019. It will be undemocratic to ask him not to run. The decision remains his.
To OBJ, the only good leader that has ever ruled Nigeria is himself. He was against Awolowo, IBB and later turned Yar’Adua . He even wrote off Abiola before he had the chance to rule. He told the world at the height of the June 12 struggle that Abiola was not the Messiah Nigeria needed . Haba! I don’t have any sympathy for Buhari and APC over this letter because they jubilated and probably benefitted from the similar letter OBJ wrote to Jonathan.

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