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10 reasons ladies break up with men

Some guys when asked why their relationship failed, they will tell you “she left cos I don’t have money.” But this is not always true NOT all ladies love for the sake of money. I have seen guys that had nothing but their girlfriends stick to them. There are various reasons why ladies dumped their guys to mention but a few:
1. Some guys don’t know how to treat or make a woman happy.

2. Some lack courtesy at least if you don’t have money, you should’ve courtesy.

3. Most guys have Ego, they never say “I’m sorry” when they wrong you.

4. Some guys are not romantic & don’t know how to use words such as; sweetie, Angel, Sexy, My world, Treasure, My Queen etc. Women love to hear their praises.

5. Some guys to lie a lot and such guys believed that ladies fall in love when you tell them lies. It’s wrong cos when she finds out the real you, she can quit the relationship.

6. Some guys are dirty; such guys think neatness is meant for ladies alone. They hardly wash their clothes let alone their boxers.

7. Most guys are cheats just few of them are faithful. The cheat amongst them believed that it is in the nature of man to cheat.

8. Some guys have No Future Ambition (NFA). No woman wants a man that has no future plan.

9. Some guys are irresponsible always looking for ladies who have huge amount of money in their account. Gold diggers! Such guys are ” INFIDEL” A responsible man should be hardworking.

10. Some guys are immature.

Why did you breakup with your Ex?

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