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Nigerians react to Buhari’s declaration for re-election

  • Nigerians have taken to the micro-social media platform, Twitter, to express their views about the news of the official declaration by President Muhammadu Buhari to run for second term.

    Buhari, a few hours ago at the National Executive Council meeting, made known his intention to contest the presidency again in 2019.

    A social media aide to the President, Bashir Ahmad, broke the news earlier on Monday (today) via his social media page with the hashtag #PMBForNigeria 2019.

    Reactions to Buhari’s declaration are swift, as Nigerians greet the news with different reactions.

    See some of the comments below:

    Looool. When he wins, he won’t get up from his bed in Aso Rock till 2023.

    — Francis (@FrancisIyke_)

    He has finally achieved his dream of being the president of Nigeria now that he’s suppose to sit somewhere and count his days he’s seeking re-election

    — Horlardeemaygee (@Sam_khalifa1695)

    Affliction will never rise the second time says the Lord Almighty!


    Retweet if you prefer Aso Rock is empty than seeing President Buhari in power again and like to see him return…Lets endorse a stat.

    — I_Follow_Back_Instantly (@Gov_jay)

    What a good news! 👏 👏 👏 Nigeria will be great again

    — True Conscience 🇳🇬 (@PHEMY37)

    Long live PMB. Long live Nigeria

    — Erha Solomon (@erhasolomon)

    It is within the president’s right to seek re-election. It is also within the right of the citizens to say NO to incompetence and bad leadership.

    — /sæmoælfrəd/ (@samoalfred)

    …seeking re-election for doing nothing in 3years? That’s corruption!

    — orji Emmanuel (@andyorji)

    “My second term bid based on clamour by Nigerians”  *Nice try, tell me another fabu!

    — Kayode Ogundamisi (@ogundamisi)

    Everytime baba travels, we get a breaking new. Now we have this one.

    — Osifeko Mark Olaniyi (@osifekomark)

    May God Almighty CONTINUE to guide & protect him. Ameen ya Rabbil Aalameen

    — Suleiman Umar (@sulemubi)

    My Monday was rolling on a positive note, now Buhari has spoilt it with this yeye declaration. Who did this to us Nigerians?

    — Joe Oko Odey (@JoeOdey)

    Worst kept secret. The intoxication of power

    — #Opetimistic (@dimu4ever)

    😁😀😀😀😁😁😁 then @APCNigeria is “Good” to Lose in 2019. 😂😁😁😁😀😀😀😀😀😁😁😁😁😀

    — Dr. #Afo (@AfoUnofficial)

    African Leaders dont know when to step down, from a position of power Even if it means coming to office in a wheelchair with an IV drip!

    — BOKETTO™ (@KingSanda)

    I stand wit PMB 4 second term sai baba

    — PLZ BABA (@babatee4life)


    — It’s TAURI (@Ismailtaurie)

    What odds does he have on Bet Naija?

    — Okey Igweamaka (@okeywise)

    Do you people advice him at all?

    — Investor Al-Ameen 👁 (@ALOFFAWY)

    Who said Buhari didn’t do anything for Nigeria? Under buhari, we successfully held two

    — El_Ngigdinho (@uselessPogba)

    The man knew that his 2nd term declaration is unpopular, unpleasant and unpalatable to the vast majority of Nigerians which is why he ran away to London as soon as he announced the news. One would have thought he is contesting for @Theresa_May’s job the way he dashes to the UK.

    — Reno Omokri (@renoomokri)

    NIGERIAN’S wake up from your slumber this is bad news. Have you not suffer enough. Is it right for all of us to die like chicken. APC can never I say never get one vote in my domain.Woe to you eaters of flesh and drinkers of blood. Our God will do what is right for us

  • The president has made his intention known. If you don’t want him as your president then, your PVC will determine and your ability to canvass for vote against his win. It is not a matter of making noise on the social media but to go and vote when the times come.̱

    With our PVCs in our hands, Nigerians can either win or lose in 2019, it is not constitutional to stop any Nigerian from contesting an election except he is not qualified by rights. When Nigeria decides, Nigeria wins.
    • Ok…can you please follow it up constitutionally and stop him from contesting or you prefer to do in this forum only?

      • I’m almost certain that he will be reelected… olodos full Nigeria and he will use child voters in the north as usual. I can’t stop him, but it has to be said

    • God bless you, PMB remains the best and the honest. They struggle to silent his achievement using social media.


  • i declare my total support for PMB/Osibanjo 2019 ticket and pledged to vote for APC. My choi

  • He should know that he need more than his northern votes to win, am sure SW is not going to go along with him this time as they did last time even though JEGA did the rigging for him in

  • Buhari has contested an he have won, 2019 election will be the easiest to win for PMB.


     Democracy is fun not do and die my people APC to win odd #10,000 to #9,000 / PDP—-#50,000 to #20
    • Well, as long as old/known politicians are presented for 2019 election, I stand with PMB – not because he has done anything spectacular but because he is the lesser of two evils (i.e PMB Vs Any Known Old Politician whether APC or PDP).

      Hello Sowore of Sahara Reporters! Where are you?

      The only candidate that sounds like a candidate so far.

      To me, the only suitable candidate worthy of giving PMB a red card.

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