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Saturday , 19 January 2019

Media in Nigeria, in most cases, only do what they like- Buhari

The President said the media only preferred to interpret and report what they liked about his comment on youths during the Commonwealth Business Session in London last month, instead of concentrating on developmental issues.

He said: “You know Nigeria’s population is now between 180 and 190 million and 60 per cent of this population are youths that are 30 years downward.

“You know in the North most youths are uneducated or school dropouts. If not because we had good harvests in the last two farming seasons the situation would have deteriorated.

“These youths even if they travel out of the North for greener pastures, they hardly make it economically because what they earn as income cannot afford them to meet their basic needs or return home.

“All these explanations I made, they refused to highlight them in their report and you know the media in Nigeria in most cases only do what they like.

“For instance the nation’s achievements in the agricultural sector where millions of Nigerians benefited financially were left unreported by the media.

The President debunked insinuations that Christians were being killed by herdsmen.

He said clashes between farmers and herdsmen had been on for the past years, adding that herdsmen were not in the habit of carrying dangerous weapons while moving their animals around the country.

On what he does during his leisure time, he said he hardly listened to music but rather always obeyed his doctors’ advice on the need to eat and take enough rest.

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