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Tanker explosion: Let’s talk about solutions

The problem with us in Nigeria is that we fail to learn from mistakes. In a civilized country when things like this happen they set up a committee to investigate the root cause so that measures would be put in place to forestall future occurrence.

Although accidents must happened. It is the law of nature called Murphy’s Law.Our job is to find ways of minimising or eliminating it.Must fuel, other inflammables and dangerous materials be moved by roads.Why don’t we learn from other human species on Earth.We are increasing in population and we are not modernising.That is the recipe for disaster.

Yesterday event was a sample. Others are lurking. We either start doing things right or we continue to die like fools. Same thing happened Jan 2012, during the riot, on the same road. Yet, we have failed to learn our lessons. Why is a fuel tanker traveling at the busiest time of the day, when people are returning from work??? Senseless. Where are the law makers?

How many times have we heard of fire by petrol tanker and life goes on as if nothing has happened once the dust settles. One immediate solution is ban petrol tanks from moving during the day to minimize casualty when things like this happen.

It is a shame that we tend not have any solutions to any of our problems. This petrol tankers menace started in the 70’s and Muritala Muhammed’s solution was laying of pipelines across the country and the restriction of tankers on the highways to wee hours of the night.Upon the killing of Muri, the June12 usurper and the father of corruption in modern day Nigeria relaxed those measures. So also was the odd and even number designed to limit the number of vehicles on some very busy roads. For God’s sake, we need leaders with solutions to our problems not leaders equating the length of time in office to achievements.

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