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Friday , 20 July 2018

Nigerians comment on R-APC …What is your take?

All these politicians fight for is their own selfish interests.

There is nothing new or spectacular about this news. It only goes to show the type of beings we have in Nigeria calling themselves politicians. Politicians without ideology but only to get into offices. In any case, water will still find its level and a new Nigeria can still emerge from this wranglings. It is now left for the electorates, if there are, not to allow themselves to be confused.

”It is good that water is beginning to find it’s level politically for these groups. I still repeat, APC would have won the last election without the input of nPDP. A Buhari would have cleared the north conveniently without the Sarakis, the Dogaras, the Kwankwaso, the Tambuwals of this world. I believe, they only remained relevant because they moved into the APC at the time they did because Jonathan’s PDP had already pulled the political rug under their clay feets.

Now, they are ready and on the move to be on their own and onto political oblivion and I wish them well.

It has become very clear that the nPDP was never in sync with the aspiration of APC and were therefore not compatible at all. The nPDP never believed in the agenda of APC especially the Change mantra.

The r-APC is directly telling BUHARI and Tinubu that, it controls the APC as one of its founding political-blocs (legs). That’s serious(hefty) political-statement to put down with just wave of the hand. The question begging for answers right now is, who’s in real and total control of the APC now?

The more the merrier. So where will they contest, Next move is to negotiate with the PDP the terms of their return and the battle royale for the elections come up. Way i see it most of them will lose their footing even if Buhari is swept off by elections same will go for most of them.

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