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 Atiku’s strategists, Mr. Phrank Shaibu debunks hidden 2nd term agenda

Atiku’s strategists, Mr. Phrank Shaibu ( who is also a communication expert), said: “2025 is not an eight-year term; it is a six-year plan. Whoever takes over will complete the programmes.

“The  ruling party’s focus should be more on damage control to enable them offer seeming apologies to millions of Nigerians they have diaappointed and the millions they have put in the labour market through their ill performance in government.

“So, the issue of campaign promises will not hold water for the Buhari camp as their participation in this election is just for posterity to be subtle in judgement of failure.”

On the kind of campaign to expect, Shaibu, who is also a close associate of Atiku,  said:  “A large population of Nigerians have been taught new lessons on poor leadership and now have a better understanding of disinformation because they feel the reality of economic pains and hopelessness that have been thrust upon them in the past three years.

“Consequently, the campaign for 2019 presidential elections will be based on truth campaign.

“Right now, the electorate have grown in knowledge of what choice will be best for them, especially on their safety, real economic growth and equity.

“Nigerians will experience a new trend of issue based campaign. The two major contestants have been tested and their performance cum capacities to deliver well documented.

“Already, we have a lot of decided voters, especially given their sad experiences and difficulties in the past three years under a president that has ruled Nigeria twice with established antecendent of bringing upon the citizenry abject poverty.

“I believe the campaign focus will be on the few undecided voters. This category of persons when shown and educated on some hidden facts of maladministration, especially on gross embezzlement, many shades of corruption, selective justice and deceits, will reach early conclusions on which camp to give their mandate.”

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