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Thursday , 21 February 2019

”Nigerians Give Birth To Ruwanda population( 7Million) Yearly”

Every year Nigeria produces the population of Ruwanda,which is seven million.Eng. Aliyu Aziz , the Director-general National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has revealed!

Most people don’t know that, every year, Nigerians give birth to seven million children every year and when I mention it in Rwanda in a presentation, there was uproar.  I didn’t know why the hall erupted in that uproar until after we finished, when somebody came and told me that, the seven million we produce every year is the population of Rwanda.

All these Almajiris, jobless youths and then 60 percent of our population, in less than 25 years will become a big problem in the future if good policies are not enacted now to manage them. It is actually a time bomb. That is why we came up with a programme called Ecosystem. This means, it is a sustainable system whereby every government agency and private sector will capture data and send it to us.

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