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Haemorrhagic fever is Yellow fever -WHO..9 ways to prevent it

World Health Organization has confirmed that the viral
haemorrhagic fever is indeed yellow fever. Reports also confirm that the yellow fever virus is usually spread
through bites by an infected mosquito. The virus is said to be a completely vaccine-preventable disease. The
vaccine is reportedly freely available in all health facilities around the country.
(1)  If you have flu-like symptoms, in view of the prevalence of the yellow fever virus, It is encouraged that one should
be vaccinated.

(2)In addition to the vaccine,
authorities have advised that all should keep their environments clean and free of stagnant water to
discourage the breeding of mosquitoes.

(3)Also, sleeping under a mosquito net that has been treated with insect
repellent can offer you protection.

(4)Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. Viruses can enter your body this way and can make you
(5) It is not advisable at this time to eat food from the same bowl or drink from the same cup as other
(7) Exercise care if planning to attend funerals where people sometimes handle dead bodies.

(8) Provide soap and running water mixed with small quantities of bleach for
use by everyone to wash their hands in your house ,Offices and shops.. As we do not know who has this sickness, it is good to wash our hands with soap and water many times during the day, especially after coming in contact with others.
(9) If you or your children develop a fever, feel strong body weakness, muscle pain, eye redness, low
blood pressure, nosebleed, headache and sore throat followed by vomiting and running stomach, you
should go to the nearest hospital immediately.

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