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Jimi Agbaje embarrassed over error in HOS/Ambode criticism

Baseless criticism, error of fact on parade as Mr Jimi Agbaje,the governorship candidate goofed seriously when he said Governor Ambode, retired 21 permanent secretaries in 2018 to pave way for Mr Hakeem Muri Okunola to become Head of Service ( HOS).
Virtually all the 21 PS that retired in 2018 did so statutorily. That is, they were either 35 years in service or they have reached the mandatory 60 years age if retirement.
Two, of the 21 retired PS only Dr Bashorun of Wealth Creation Ministry senior Hakeem Muri Okunola aka HMO, in hierarchy of body of permanent secretaries in Lagos State. Bashorun became PS in 2010 while HMO
became PS in 2011. But retired in May after reaching the mandatory 60 years age if retirement.
All the remaining 20 PS that retired in 2018 are junior to HMO in hierarchy of body of permanent secretaries but senior him in age or years of service.
What really elevated HMO was his entry point and rapid elevation under Tinubu and Fashola administration between 2001 and 2011.
When he came in 2001, he was appointed Company Secretary/ Legal Adviser, Ibile Holdings Limited.
In 2003 Gov. Tinubu appointed him his personal assistant. In 2005, Tinubu appointed him Executive Secretary to the Governor on Land Allocation Committee, a position that made him prominent and rich.
He was still in the Land ministry in 2007 when Fashola came in 2007. It was Fashola that appointed him permanent secretary in 2011.
Fashola did not flout any civil service order in appointing him PS. Because what the Civil Service Order says is that , for someone to be appointed PS, he must be 10 years in the public service and at director level.
With his position as Executive Secretary to the governor he was already at director level.
Governor Ambode also contributed to HMO quick rise in the hierarchy of body of permanent secretaries albeit unintended. Because as at the time Ambode came in 2015, HMO was 18 in the hierarchy of 56 body of permanent secretaries in the Lagos State then.
Governor Ambode in wisdom decided to compulsorily retired 22 in 2015. An unconfirmed rumour had it then that HMO was one the PS to be retired but the power that be we gathered prevailed on him to spare HMO.
This singular action of Governor Ambode elevated HMO from 18th position in hierarchy to 4th position.
Of the three PS ahead of HMO only Dr Bashorun who did not become HOS.
The two others , Mrs Olabowale Ademola and Mrs Folashade Adesoye were at the appropriate time appointed HOS.
It was when Mrs Adesoye statutorily completed her tenure as HOS on Thursday, December 27, 2018 that it officially became the turn of Hakeem Muri Okunola.
Mr Jimi Agbaje and his team should do a diligent research and investigation.

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