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Sex doll cost N21m, buyers list why it’s preferable to wife

Doll made of silicone,with texture of her skin similar to 99.8% of the human skin has been unveiled selling for 6000 dollars equal to 6000 by 350 which is equal to 2.1m….all in the name of sex doll !

And some with warped, jaded sense of man and woman  intimacy as created by God, are on for it, even stating why they would  rather go for it than marry.

She does not speak.
She does not get fat.
She never has periods.
She does not fart.
She never goes shopping.
She does not get pregnant.
She does not have a mother.
She never ever gets headaches.
She does not go to the hairdresser.
She does not watch soaps operas.
She loves to watch anything on TV.
She does use mobile.
She never gets old.
She never gets jealous, even if you bring home another woman.
She will not nag you.
She doesn’t care when you return home.
She’ll always welcomes you home with open legs.

It will last two years if abused constantly and consistently every day.It is completely adjustable to any position .

There are 100 sensors spread around the body. There are 30 sensors on her private parts. Each sensor makes her move in a specific way,up to 20 positions.

Upon penetration, she fakes a good orgasm.

She comes with an inbuilt sound in the throat and recognizes upto 16 commands, that are extremely personal, upto two meters away from her ears.

When there is any type of pulsation sensed in her
private parts she fakes an solid orgasm.

Above all that she gets wet with a slight touch over any of the sensors. she is voice password it is programmed for the owner.

*Principal characteristics:*

She has three entries (vaginal, anal, oral)

She can move her head in any direction you choose.

Completely customizable to your liking so you can
choose the following:

  • SIZE


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