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YOU NEWS editorial : Editors beware!.. Buhari not stoned in Abeokuta !

Was Buhari stoned in Abeokuta?
Journalists  should not be careless and exuberant with information which could set a whole society on fire..Editors are to be careful, sober and contemplative..beyond the desired clicks.

.Some of these headlines suggested that Ogun state APC rejected Buhari’s presidential candidature of the party,or that Ogun state people rejected him.But was this what transpired?
The fact was that there were two factions of the APC which wanted recognition by Buhari.One faction was recognised by the APC national executive for and the INEC for the elections.The other faction was backed by the outgoing governor,Ibikinle Amosun..He uploaded them into another party and INEC recognised them to run in the polls.

Meanwhile,Amosun stayed behind in the APC to run as a senator.Some people believe his plan is to bring his group back to the APC if they win elections under the banner of their host party.
Under this plan,he has taken them to Buhari in Abuja to declare their support for his presidential ambition.

Buhari acknowledged them,perhaps because Amosun has been a loyalist of his in their days in his party which fused with others to form the APC in 2014 or 2015.The mainstream APC may not be happy with this because Buhari in Abuja did not enforce party discipline by ignoring Amosun and his followers who were digging in against the party.

Governor Okorocha of Imo state would do likewise in his domain where,rather than enforce party discipline against the governor,the president asked voters to vote in accordance with their conscience.

That meant 1)they could vote for Okorocha who was running as a senator on APC platform. 2)They could vote for the APC members he uploaded to another party or
3)They could vote for APC loyalists recognised by the party.Whichever way this conscience voting went,it would not affect presidential voting for Buhari.

What this translates to is …all of you,vote for me but do to yourselves what you feel like doing to yourselves.Another understanding of it is…”Iam for none,Iam for all.This was a principle under which Buhari carelessly allowed senator Bukola Saraki who ran against him for the APC presidential ticket to become senate president and bedevil his administration almost to a stand still for four years.
In Abeokuta yesterday,Amosun should not have brought to the rally people who were no longer party members.

Everything went well until the president was about to present the party’s governorship candidate and former Osun governor Aregbesola remarked that strangers were within the fold.This annoyed the strangers and they began to throw pure water satchets at him in the podium.
When editors published headlines that Buhari was stoned,was this the real picture?when the “stones” hurled were not explicitly described in these few tender days before the election,may that not trigger the unwanted events?What if Buhari’s loyalists in the north rise under herd instinct?In any case,where would you find stones in on the grounds of a modern stadium?Or,was the rally in the street?The impression that Buhari was stoned in Abeokuta suggesting that his political ambition was rejected there,is a false one.Editors who cast such misleading headlines as this one are either mischievous or,in plain truth,immature to be editors.We can see how in a more mature platform editors are helping to restrain political leaders such as Donald Trump.Editors are the guardians of society,and leaders in their own right.So,they must always strive for maturity.
Buhari was not stoned in or out of Abeokuta.Rather,rival factions of the APC confronted each other.For this,you may blame governor Amosu for bringing antagonistic former party members to a party function.The rally was not Amosun’s show.It was the show of the campaign organisation of Buhari.Did Amosu clear with the organisation before he brought potentially belligerent people to the show?You may blame former Osun state governor Rauuf Aregbesola for being unable to hold himself.But the blame for what happened goes largely to Amosun.If he truly loves Buhari,he would not have done to him what could have caused Buhari’s life and plunge the nation into crisis this delicate time.Both Buhari and Abubakar Atiku are as delicate in our hands at this time as raw egg in our hands.If we let that egg fall from our hands and break,we may not be able to pick the pieces.If Buhari was attacked,injured or killed in Abeokuta many of us may not be on our feet by now.So,like politicians in their deeds and speeches,editors must be careful not only in the content of their reports but, also ,in the headlines of these reports,because many readers read the headlines and not the reports.


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