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7 set of people severely pained by election postponement

This postponement is most unfortunate and in bad taste.Almost all are complaining. Though the list is not exhaustive, YOU NEWS writes on 7 set of Nigerians  who are mostly affected.

(1).Some corps members as at yesterday night, were headed to Badagry.
They have never been there before, but they have to do their duties. Those who got there were not given accommodation. They were kept in an open school, for mosquitoes to feast on them. No net, nothing. They were on their own, to carry out the national assignments.
In spite of these challenges, these kids stood their ground, determined to do their job and then INEC bombshell of postponement.
So these coppers will have to go through this again?

(2) It suddenly placed up and coming politicians and those in young parties at a grave disadvantage. They would have mobilized their agents and deployed scarce funds only for this sad wee-hour shift.. All the fund is gone!
They will now have to do an encore.
(3) Academic calendar already disrupted. What will happen to the students we hurriedly remove from school? Does it mean that their holiday continues or we return them to school on Tuesday and take them home again on Thursday?

(4) What will happen to the already exposed materials and the money spent?

(5).)What will happen to all the social engagement that were postponed because of this election! ..Social Ceremonies fixed for 23rd of February and 9th of March,to be cancelled or postponed!Millions lost by event organizers and momentum dappened .Billions lost as no jobs or Money for event centres,event planners ,event vendors ,musicians and MCs.

(6).Nigerians travelled across the Country ,for today’s elections .Some of them are even dead from accidents.

(7).The Economy has lost billions of naira as the Economy is closed for today .Again,there is loss of confidence in the economy due to the uncertainty of the Nigerian System.

(8). Billions lost as Election Observers have been deployed nation wide,from all over the World , with the attendant risks on the road.

Television ,radio and sitelite stations to loss millions !

(9).Billions lost as Security Agencies have deployed personnel with the attendant risks on the road .

(10).Billions lost as all Transport Systems-air,land , rail and sea are all grounded



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