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Security men cut trees as reaction to Kidnap of Lagos Fire Service boss

Recently the head of fire service in Lagos was kidnapped.

He has been released…and the┬ásecurity operatives brought a crude solution to the kidnap saga: They went to the spot where he was kidnapped and maul down the trees, plants and palms cutting down all the trees and beautiful vegetation some of which were 100 years old.

They mowed down a generation of life vegetation.

“We are cutting the trees to make the place open and stop kidnapping”

Oh My God !!! If this had happened in 17th century I would have understood.But this is 2019.

The cutting down of these trees and rare plant species is crude, primitive and shows lack of creativity in fighting crime capacity of our security operatives.

The cutting of the trees wont stop the kidnappers. They will do three things.

One: simply move to another area far from the open field.

They may also remain in the same spot since cutting down those trees will only make easy their ability to move fast each time they seize victims.

This action of security operatives shows they are at wits end.

What a creative security operative should have done was to plant CCTV or secret Camera on those trees to capture the faces of the kidnappers.

The other steps should have been to mount a decoy by planting operatives inside the bushes.

The third and most simple option would have been to station a police patrol.

Cutting down those trees and plants simply tell you that many a time, our security operatives have a very weak capacity to think beyond a base level and lack creativity in tackling crime. Sad.

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