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10 conspiracy theories in town, as Ruiz defeats AJ

Nigerians and fans of Famous boxer Anthony Joshua still in shock and disbelieve over the defeat..and conspiracy is resonating here & there.

(1) For a boxer and a world heavyweight champion who hadn’t lost a professional fight like AJ to fall flat in the seventh round and be counted out hurts. For a champion to lose to an unfancied opponent in an undignifying manner is equally unimaginable and…not with or in a knockout ..something must be fishing.
(2) For AJ to speak the way he did after the fight as if suggesting, “I deserved to lose”….makes me think, he was obviously not prepared for this bout….and that is ridiculous….to think of a world champion.

(3) Talking about venue and preparation, a lot goes with both. Aside adequate training and good nutrition plus good state of mind, a boxer and champion in the class of AJ must be wary of his environment especially the environment of his fights. This fight in the US is a bit worrisome given that AJ is not a “regular, familiar and friendly” face in the country.

(4) Not all the boxing stakeholders particularly those in US are comfortable with AJ’s position in world boxing.
Boxing promoters of high repute who are not British nationals won’t be pleased with the reign of AJ.

(5) Could this fight be a set up to diminish AJ’s status and stop his reign and rise? Could it be a plot to “kill” his fight with Wilder which would have confirmed him (AJ) as world undisputable heavyweight champion?

(6) He relaxed after rattling Ruiz earlier in round three or so….and that he didn’t recover quick enough after his first fall was suspect. This is not the Anthony Joshua we used to know.

(7) For AJ to ask for water before the fight started, speaks volumes.

(8) There will be so much money involved in the rematch. That could be the reason AJ ‘threw’ the politics.

(9) AJ was overwhelmed. The whole coming to America may have drained him. He camped out in Miami and had to travel to New York for the fight. He had to promote the fight all by himself. Don’t forget that this was his first experience outside the United kingdom.

(10) Nobody knows what happened between AJ and Miami Beach ladies..they could have been planted , instructed to drain him.

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