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Festus Adedayo is Lawan’s media aide…oh ,sorry, no, not him again !..Detail

What happened? It’s Mohammed Isa ..but Festus Adedayo’s appointment as media aide to president of the Senate was formally announced yesterday night,

..and in less than 12 hrs it has been cancelled  following protest by APC supporters who saw him wrote virulently against the government, Buhari, Tinubu and APC.

Festus Adedayo is believed to be sudden in his criticism of Everything APC. Festus Was Special Adviser On Media To The Constituted Authority Government Of Ajimobi In Oyo State Where He Served Ajimobi & APC For Almost 5years. Why Was He Not Courageous Enough To Be Critical Of APC & Speak Some Truth Even To Ajimobi On Some Condemnable Aspects Of Ajimobi’s Governance While He Served. Why Did He Suddenly Start Seeing The Truth & Being Critical After He Left The APC Govt In Oyo.The think of those who shot down his appointment is that Festus Only Wanted To Try His Luck, By Being Critical Of The Buhari Govt With The Hope That Atiku Will Win & He Would Use His Critical Comments As Part Of His CV To Clinch A Political Appointment From Atiku.  Festus Should Stay Out & Continue Speaking The Truth To Us.

Then, APC men against him presented screen evidences of his uncomplimentary pieces. Though, he was daid to be deleting most of his uncomplimentary tweets and articles from his Twitter handle today and people were making jest of him that if he deleted them can he delete those already screenmunched.

A party loyalists told YOU NEWS..”He didn’t lobby for the job truly. He was headhunted. Lawan can’t also ignore the issues raised against him. APC faithful have a right to complain about a man that they know stood against the party and used most unqualified derogatory words against APC, Buhari and other APC leaders.

“He was short of saying APC is a Satan’s party in his articles and its leaders angels of satan. It is a moral question that is being raised against him not a matter of competence. He is competent and well qualified for the job. He called same Lawan And Gbajabiamila Buhari’s puppets last week before the NASS leadership election.”

Intrestingly, Festus Adedayo while reacting to controversy of his appointment as Senate President’s aide  said he did not ask for the appointment.

The journalist, who described himself as a professional “who writes what I feel about the need for a good society,” said most of those who were commenting mistook him for a politician.

“I have never been a politician. But if the politicians feel that it is their birthright, they can have the appointment; it is not a do or die thing for me at all. If I go there, I’m going there to serve the country,” he said.

When asked if he has accepted the appointment, he said he is still consulting with his family.

“As I talk to you, I’m a student of the Law School and it is a certificate that I’ve sought to own all my life. So, for me to abandon it, is an issue that I’m still battling.

“I have never done anything in my life other than in the media. I have been a reporter, features editor, opinion editor. The only ‘affiliary’ thing I’ve done is be a media adviser to two governors and in those respect, I did my job as a journalist and a professional.”

Mr Adedayo said although he had worked with PDP and APC governors, he had never been a card-carrying member of any political party in Nigeria.

“The Senate President, I reckon, wanted me on the basis of my professionalism but if politicians feel it is theirs for keep, so be it,” he said.

“I don’t have any apologies for the fact that I am not a politician. I never worked for any political party and I am not going to work for any political party. But I have an idea of what a good country needs. And I will always write about it all the days of my life.

“I didn’t canvass for the job. I didn’t lobby for the job. I didn’t ask for the job. If the Senate President in his wisdom felt that he needed me, so be it,” he explained.

He added that should he accept the appointment, it “can never change anything.”

“One which I always did with my principals in government was to walk up to them and tell them the truth. If I take this appointment, I will continue in the same mode.”


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