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6 big lessons, as Youngman who ‘ordered Soyinka up’ aboard plane opens up

The youngman who had an encouter with professor Wole Soyinka has been uncovered o be one Tosin Odunfa…he has come out to state  his own side of the story and giving a good season for wanting the seat. He even ended up having a relationship with the Prof against what many were saying on social media…

On a serious note though, this illuminating. It gives perspective and context to what happened from one of the main characters of the story. Here are my take aways from his response:

1. As we rightly deduced, he clearly did NOT know the old man to be WS when he had the initial encounter. The man who related the story of his daughter asking whether Mansa Musa was the name of a military governor was so right. The ‘young man’ agreed he was not taught in school about him.

This means that if he had known who WS was, he would have acted differently.

2. we were not there to tell whether he was rude or not.

3. WS remembered his youthful days and rebellious streak and could relate with ‘the young man’ and his reaction. Baba’s curiosity was aroused.

Experience and age matter.

4. The very important reason the young man insisted was for physiological and medical reasons. It’s a valid card. And we judged him without knowing this fact.

5. There were three characters in this story. WS, Tonye Cole and the ‘young man’, Dr. Tosin Odunfa. We have ‘heard’ the account of Tonye Cole and read that of Dr. Odunfa, I am yet to read anything from WS.
In between, we have read distorted versions…Never take a side until you have heard the original version from all sides.
This is the practise in journalism.

(6). Also, never jump to conclusions about how another person lives his/her life. You have no idea what that person contends with daily.

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