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7 Essential things you should know about RUGA

Just so you know

• RUGA [ RURAL GRAZING AREA]. A federal govt initiative that proposes to put nomadic cattle breeders in a place that has been developed as a settlement , where govt will provide water for their animals , pasture , schools for their children , security , agro -rangers , and markets etc . to avoid the farmers (massacre by and versus herders clash.

• Is also a projects by the federal govt to confiscate land in various states of Nigeria and hand it over Exclusively to one ethnic nationality, herein reffered to as the Fulani cattle rearers

• Will be piloted in 12 states of the federation..

1. Osun
2. Ondo
3. Ekiti
4. Edo
5. Delta
6. Abia
7. Ebonyi
8. Benue
9. Kogi
10 Nassarawa
11. Taraba
12. Plateau

• However Total implementation is expected to have Been fulfilled in five(5) years time , that is by the year 2024.

• it is noteworthy to point out that of all the states only the governors of Benue and taraba have stated publicly that they would resist in totality any attempt to give a single portion of their land to herders. No other governor anywhere else in Nigeria has addressed the matter in public.

•However various socio cultural groups from the Midwest, west, south south and south east have frontally spoken against it, and have sounded note of warnings to their governors warning them against giving their lands to the federal govt for cattle colonies

• pls note that according to the Nigeria’s Land Use Act from 1978 which abolishes all existing freehold systems. … The Land Use Act, enacted in 1978, was meant to standardise land administration systems across the country. It vested all urban land within a state in the state governor, and all non-urban land in the local governments in which they are found.


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