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One great, practical lesson from MKO Abiola on how not to spend money

CAN (Christain Association of Nigeria leaders) were waiting for MKO in his office but I don’t think MKO was aware that they were waiting. Perhaps his Secretary must have brought in my Visitors Forms which MKO may not have gone through. They had waited for several hours at the Visitors Room. Then, it was time for MKO to eat lunch, he came out from his office and peeped at his visitors waiting room… Wow, he saw CAN Leaders, he was stunned, surprised and shocked….

“You’re here? Ha! Since when? Why didn’t you just enter my office directly?” Abiola asked many questions at once. They told him they had been there since morning to keep the appointment they earlier scheduled with him. Abiola begged them to please have lunch with them first, and the discussion could be held while the lunch was on. They agreed.

Abiola was heading for his home at Toyin Street to eat Alhaja’s Food when he got out of the office but because of the guests that would eat with him, he instructed his protocol to go to Sheraton. On getting to Sheraton Hotels, everyone requested for what they wanted. But Abiola did something which surprised his guests. He requested for his bill before the food would be served. The hotel obliged. Immediately Abiola saw it, he said NO WAY. “This is too much”…he pleaded again with his guests, “Let’s go home, my house. Better and more delicious food await us.”…Again, his guests obliged. And when the hotel management even offered them free lunch, Abiola declined. They went home, ate Alhaja Simbi’s Food and everyone was happy. Abiola then told them “I know you were surprised that I left that place because of Food Bill. You see, if I spent such amount on lunch alone, my conscience won’t be free. Money that can establish someone in business. Money we can donate to the sick. When you see me donating money here and there, it’s because I make sacrifices and embark on prudent spending like that….. I was born poor, I knew poverty by definition and by action, I know it’s worse than any disease, I am determined to bring out many out of it. No sacrifice is too much to ensure this is done”….Everyone was marveled.

To let people know that he was not giving because he was rich, a reporter asked him “People say you’re the richest man in Africa, how true is this?”….

“I don’t know if that assertion is true. I don’t know what many people keep in their accounts or at home or invested. But what we spend can be ascertained and how, on what we spend them. I believe I’m the greatest spender in terms of assisting the needy, that is also according to the New York times… ” Abiola replied.

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