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Secret of Akintola William’s longetivity @ 100

“The secret of my longevity is moderation. In everything I do, I strive to be moderate, and I mean moderate , a little of this and a little of that , not too much. Whether it is what you eat , what you drink or whatever you do, just be moderate and you will live a refreshing , strong and fulfilling life.

” When you are excessive in your daily life activities, you lose life and its fantastic quality, but when you keep it moderate , you will not only be in control but enjoy life abundantly .”

“Also, you have to endeavour to live a simple life, avoid controvetsies , conflicts, over – ambition, just live a simple life and life will be your friend”.

“Please always take enough rest. I always observe my siesta, sleep about eight hours everyday and generally have enough rest. Your body is your priceless possession. So, please do not abuse it , for if you do, you will lose it.”

” And please, do not play with exercise – mental, physical and spiritual. The three go hand in hand. At 92, I still do my studies and I attend to professional matters referred to me. For once you stop exercising your brain, you die literally. I keep fit and do not live sedentary life.”

Pa Akintola Williams made this statements in 2012 in an interview he granted Vanguard Newspaper, when he turned 92. Today he is a centenarian .

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