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Tacha of BBN begs Nigerians For Forgiveness

Just disqualified Tacha, who got to end of the road In BBN on Friday is said to have learn a big lesson from failure..She is already begging Nigerians for forgiveness.

Already thousands of fans believe her pride, rude manners and uncouth attitude are responsible for her downfall.

“Tacha was definitely a misguided young lady who taught that being rude and uncouth is the best way to fame and stardom” an ardent viewer of program said

Tacha was accused of losing her temper which led to her pushing, shoving and pulling of Mercy’s hair which is considered violence.

Big Brother found her guilty of breaking the House rule of physical violence and intent to harm the moment she shoved Mercy, and the moment she pulled her hair on two separate occasions.

It was deemed that such physical violence has no place in Big Brother’s house.

In the case of Mercy, she was found guilty of breaking the house rule of provocation, not stepping away from a volatile situation and of non-physical violence.

“The moment she flicked her hair on Tacha, she only made the situation even worse and was issued two strikes. This means, one more strike and she will be disqualified from the Big Brother house,” organisers of the show said.

With this new development, the housemates are now down to eight following Cindy’s earlier eviction.

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