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Is age of 344 yr old tortoise that just died exaggerated ?

Not a few have been doubting the accuracy of 344 years age attached to the Souns of Ogbomoso’s tortoise that died last week , after a brief illness.
“Oral history with his exaggerations and inadequacies for research” has been the standard comment from many.

But, sources have revealed to YOU NEWS that “There are palace historians who are skilled in the art of passing info from generation to generation.

Don’t forget Nigeria History is largely rooted in oral tradition, despite its shortcomings.

The palace recorders have it that Alagba came into the palace at the time of Soun Ajagungbade, whose reign was a little over 340 years ago.

Oral traditions are very strong.the Ogbomosho people know when the Alagba tortoise arrived the the reign of Soun Ajagungbade 111. That was passed down from one reign to the other till date.

The reigns of the former Souns are also recorded in history.
The Tortoise was a source of attraction to captain Bower, the official British resident officer in ibadan, between 1893 to 1897, who visited Ogbomoso and was told of Alàgbà and its age then … He it was who suggested building a proper house for the tortoise.

It may not be exactly 344 but it’s way over 200. It was reported that he reigned with 18 Ogbomoso kings. Take it as an average of 15years per king.

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