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7 serious food for thought about Buhari’s wedding rumour

Where did this fire start from? Are you also wondering ?Ooooh. whoever started it really try… He has engaged millions of Nigerians on this in the past 48 hours or so…the power of social to spread a piece of news, real or fake

2. Nigerians are full of dramas, another story will soon come up.

3. As citizens, we need to draw the lines of what we believe and what to discard .The fact that we even believe such cork & bull stories is a sad commentary on our lives

4. This is a reminder of ..Is Buhari back to life? There was widespread talk that Buhari was long dead & was secretly replaced by “Jubril of Sudan”? Nigerians can be gullible…

5. They actually went ahead to give funny romantic details, forgeting that the lady too is married with husband children and inlaws.

6. The rumour has been described as the most silliest thought and insinuation of the year…what is your take?

7. The whole rumour is so orchestrated and fuelled ..An invite was even designed..with Corel draw Staunt. Though full of Grammatical error. This shouldn’t be in an invite that has presidency backing. Buhari and Farouk families invites. Bad English.

8. Well,some are saying at Times like this
Nigerians need such Comic relief
To divert serious attention away from challenged and problems of life.

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