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How Dele Agekameh, 60, actually died..LASUTH

Dele Agekameh, died of kidney related illness on Friday , October 10,YouNews gathered.
Fabian Agekameh , first son of TELL Former Associate Editor and Respected Columnist narrates how the country’s poor health care delivery system contributed in part to the demise of his father on Friday October 11,2019

“He first discovered his kidney problem sometime in 2010,” “Later in 2012, he had to begin dialysis, which he did at least two times a week and three times when he could manage it. That routine became part of his life until he passed away by 9:05 pm on Friday, 11th of October.
“The previous week, he went to Babcock University Teaching Hospital (BUTH) concerning complications with blood flow during his dialysis sessions, which had been an issue for some time. He had a follow-up visit at BUTH on Wednesday, two days before he passed, during which a minor procedure was performed and he was informed of the need for surgery to clear a blockage around his neck area.

“On the morning of Friday the 11th, he proceeded to Kidney Solutions, off Adeniyi Jones in Ikeja as usual, but there was difficulty hooking him up to the dialysis machines again. A surgeon from Lagos University Teaching Hospital who had seen him in the past was summoned immediately and he performed what was considered a minor procedure at the dialysis centre before he advised that dialysis must still take place. About one hour into the session, he became too weak and medication was administered, but his blood pressure remained low.
“According to his assistant who was with him, around 5 pm, the decision was taken to transfer him to a bigger hospital. Several calls were made for an ambulance to no avail until they decided to hook him up to oxygen and transport him with his personal car.

After fighting traffic to get to Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, there was another issue getting him into the emergency ward, as nurses who were finishing their shift refused to attend to him, based on the account of those with him.
“They reportedly claimed that the doctor that could attend to him was busy and they should wait. He was still in his personal car, clinging to life when a doctor went out there to pronounce him dead.
“The doctor, one Dr Olufemi, claimed that he died on arrival. His driver and personal assistant insist he was still responsive after their arrival at LASUTH. He has been deposited at LASUTH morgue awaiting an autopsy.”

But Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) has debunked claims that the attitude of its staff led to the death of veteran journalist, Dele Agekameh.

Agekameh died on October 11.

The hospital said the deceased was bought in dead, stating its personnel were not negligent or slacking in attending to him.

In a statement on Thursday, the hospital management said: “He was said to have had end stage renal disease and was rushed to our medical emergency unit.

“Firstly, the patient was having dialysis in a private hospital when complications arose and was referred to LASUTH at 5 pm.

“However, the driver and his assistant who were the only persons with him did not arrive at LASUTH until 9:30 pm.

“As soon as they got to the Medical Emergency Unit, they were promptly attended to by the doctor on duty and the triage nurses.

“His blood pressure and pulse were not recordable at the time the patient was presented, and hence, he was certified ‘brought in dead’.

“We wish to say that Lagos State University Teaching Hospital is passionate about the health of Lagosians and everyone who comes into the institution.

“We put all hands on deck to make sure that our patients get optimum care and ensure we do our best for each patient to recover and return home safely.”

His last article published same day he died is entitled ..Farewell to DG Lakanu, a super cop.
Bold and courageous, Dele wrote about death in 2014 when his friend Dimgba Igwe died..

“Dimgba lived. Now, he is dead. Stone dead. Never to move either his limbs or fingers again to write the beautiful prose that stood him out in the firmament of journalism in Nigeria.

“How cruel death is, the monster that devour both the young and the old at will! The dead do not glorify death or tremble at its sight. They just walk away to eternity.

“It is the living that feels the pain, the anguish, the bereavement and sense of loss. More than a million cries or an ocean of tears can never retrieve the dead.

“As we weep and gnash our teeth in solemnity with the family, friends and acquaintances left behind by our brother and our comrade-in-arms in the fight against the buccaneers and the oppressors in our midst, we must face the stark reality that Dimgba Igwe has played his part and gone forever…



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