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Football analysts dissect Jose Mourinho, list why he’ll fall

Jose Mourinho will be unable to succeed as Tottenham Hotspur manager unless he changes his attitude.

That’s the opinion of former Chelsea player Craig Burley..and several analyists agree with him.

“Big mistake from Tottenham.

Mourinho is a toxin that slowly poisons wherever he finds himself.
I’m sure he will get tons of money to buy players and attract ephemeral victories.

Thereafter the toxins would set and and relationship with key players and club officials will break down. When they win, he takes the credit.

When they lose, he blames anyone and everyone but himself. His ego has always been his Achilles heels

His appointment is more of Frying pan to fire appointment .

He’s going to upset Williams, the club owner, and Levy, who runs the ship, with constant sniping in the media if he doesn’t have his way.

Jose loves unrestrained spending, and the board may not be on same page with him,

The club is still recovering from the expenditure on the new stadium. He’d have to work with the tools he’d be handed and is likely to require like four windows to get things running properly. Spurs aren’t one of the headline gigs of the game.

Mourinho sources said may eventually mastermind his own sacking so as to get bountiful severance package.

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