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Woman fights daughter’s school over eyelash extensions

A video of a Queens College parent fighting the school security guard has since gone viral on social media

According to the gist, she got involved in the altercation after her daughter was sent away for wearing eyelash extensions

Many internet users have since taken to the platform to react to the video

A parent standing up for their children is often expected and regarded as the responsible thing to do.

However, it appears some parents take this expectation to the extreme and as is with this case, trend for all the wrong reasons.

The Queen’s College visual is the hot breakfast served this morning on social media.

It is believed by many that, the woman should have behaved differently, mindful of the power in handset which everyone holds.
The viewing public and commentators are anxiously waiting for official response by the authorities of Queen’s College, meaning all eyes are on the school to either pass or fail this test in administration of justice.

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