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Bishop Oyedepo and his 9 body guards trending

Picture of 9 men around Bishop Oyedepo right in the alter of God, at the just concluded Shilloh convention is trending.

And there are opinions about appropriateness or not of it is flying around.

Insiders are saying “They are called protocol officers/ushers not bodyguard and he is not afraid of anyone just to guide him from people thats all. Our Lord Jesus was guided too. Remember the woman with the issues of blood had to find her way to touch Jesus, when your ministry grows you need this people to be with you to maintain law and order.”

But one of those with different view said “Protocol, crowd control, bodyguards…..whatever name u chose to call them, they are surely not needed in this peaceful scenario as seen in the picture.
Are they not supposed to listen and learn ?
Forget this idea of Bishop/Pastor is right all the time…..they are either there to intimidate worshipers or to paint the image of a superhuman standing at the middle.
All na packaging…..if they are not standing there, how will the world know he is a ‘man of god’?
If we don’t know why they stand there, he knows!!!
For me, na packaging. Every ‘man of god’ does it within there own level

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