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US Deadly weapon, set for Iran…A-Z of Tomahawk missile

Depending on how Iran reacts to the death of Soleimani.a nuclear-powered submarine armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles is in position to strike Iran if tensions give way to war in the Middle East.

Despite desperate attempts to de-escalate the stand-off between the US and Iran, Top Brass are working furiously to ensure Britain is ready to back America militarily if asked.

Soleimani was wiped out after intelligence was received that his forces were about to launch kidnap raids on American citizens and diplomats in the Middle East.

US President Donald Trump also claimed Soleimani had planned bloody attacks in London.

The hunter-killers are the most advanced submarines in the Royal Navy. They are a deadly asset and there is one well within range of Iran.”

The Navy keeps an attack sub in the region at all times. The crew would just need to manoeuvre into a “firing pocket” and unleash the missiles.

The 20ft Tomahawk missile carries a 1,000lb high-explosive warhead with the power to destroy a building.

It has a range of more than 1,550 miles, travels at more than 550mph and has a GPS guidance system allowing it to switch targets mid-flight.

Tomahawk land-attack cruise missiles were last fired by the Navy in 2011 against Gaddafi’s military facilities in Libya.

And they were used by the Navy in Iraq in 2003 and Afghanistan in 2001.

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