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Revealed : 3 citizen demarket Nigeria leading to travel ban

As part of the countdown to the 2019 poll, three leaders we learnt went on damaging shuttles against Nigeria.

And the restriction is the consequence of their missions to the U.S..

“These three leaders separately met a powerful lobbying group in the United States which influenced the immigrant visa ban.

But a top government official has said “We are working round the clock to change their narratives. By the time the U.S. Government get the true picture of the situation in which we are, they will appreciate what we have done.”

A different source however alleged that” diplomatic sources confirmed that the U.S. government had discussions with Abuja for two years over passport control, issuance and security around immigration.

Six months ago, it told our diplomats in US that it was going to ban us, we did nothing!

“There are reports within diplomatic circle that terrorists who enter Nigeria from Mali through northern Nigeria are issued Nigerian passports that they use to fly to Yemen and elsewhere for terrorism training.

The Buhari free-visa passes at our airport, I’m told, tipped the balance against us.

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