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16 key thoughts on peoples minds over Verdict in Bayelsa

(1) Many APC Members in Bayelsa will decamp tomorrow…and days after.

(2) Speaker Bayelsa State House of Assembly may take over tomorrow

(3) If it’s true that the former deputy governor elect of Bayelsa State is a serving senator, can he continue to remain on that seat in view of this Supreme Court judgement?

(4) APC may approach the court to ask for interpretation of the law with respect to Deputy Gov status.
It was the Governor who contested election at the primary and was elected.

(5) After election He (Lyon then picked his deputy ) He should not be made to suffer for the sins of his reckless Deputy. He should be made to serve his term with another Deputy.

(6) Did PDP have the geographical spread in the election to merit this “gift”? If NO. Then let’s go for Re-run. Since no Party scored the required geographical spread.
Let’s study the judgement and if there is any loophole we must go to Court.
Bayelsa PDP candidate did not score 1/4 in 2/3 of the LGs.

(7) Mary Odili ..many are saying her husband, her political leaning is certainly pro PDP..what do you expect ? ..rhetorical question ,and another.. did the death of a deputy governor invalidate the mandate given to the joint tickets?

(8) Faleke, running mate to Audu In Kogi, was prevented from succeeding the Gov but in Bayelsa a Gov got sacked for his deputy’s offence. it not related ?

(9) He rushed yo give testimony at Synagogue Church, but T.B Joshua told him
.”This is not the time for your testimony, wait until after inauguration”
Was that a coincidence. Or Mbaka stuff ?
. And today, Court didn’t wait till inauguration day before he was nullifies.

(10) How come Fr Mbaka didn’t see the BAYELSA debacle?
Is it that Mbaka did not hear from Federal Government before the ruling…There was no expo this time ?
What happened.? MBAKA won’t see any prophecy that didn’t favour APC.?

(11) A similar scenario which played out in today’s SC judgment happened in 1999 following the nullification of then Governor Adamu Muazu’s election over discrepancies in his running mate’s records. But the same SC back then ordered a fresh election, rather than declare the second placed candidate in the general election as the winner. What has changed?

(12) Congrats to PDP: Zamfara and Bayelsa. Will PDP continue to denigrate Supreme Court over Imo State

(13) The Supreme Court is consistently inconsistent. Why not disqualify the forger and ask the APC Governor-elect to pick a new deputy? The electorate’s choices should not be thrown away so cavalierly. The Supreme Court should not become the ultimate voters. What happened to the principle laid down in Amaechi vs Omehia that the people vote for the party, not necessarily the candidate? Curious ?

(14) How can you not verify the credentials of the running mate? Unpardonable error.

(15) High court and Supreme Court took the same position, only Appeal Court was different

(16) Could it that the apex court tried compensating for what they did in Imo?

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