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Oyedepo ignores ‘not more than 50 order’, many call for sanction.

Bishop Oyedepo locked his Church in AMERICA but defies order in NIGERIA on COVID-19.

Oyedepo led the congregation in prayers preceding his sermon titled “Winning the war against coronavirus”.

He said, “According to how we have prayed, the siege is over. The same way Ebola went away, this is going away. The same God that helped us that time is still alive, he will help us again.”

The Living Faith Church Worldwide, leader Bishop oyedepo, said “Shutting down churches is like shutting down hospitals he moved ahead to flout government order today.

Bishop David Oyedepo said,

“How can you close school and ask them to go home.
“You are sending them for where they are more secured to where they would be expos to the disease.
“You are sending them away from where they are not more than 20 back home to go and sell pepper for their mothers in the market where there are more people.
“You block people from having access to malls in the name of preventing a disease but you don’t know that the only disease that doesn’t have cure is hunger.
“May God help our leaders to make the right decision in search of solution to this pandemic”

Many churches in Abuja were also open for service today. For example YOU NEWS reporter observed that the Living Faith Church in Lokogoma was on and it was busy with worshippers trooping in and out, with its multiple services on Sunday.

A Nigerian interviewed about the development said “This is flagrant disobedience of the directive of the FCT Administration which ordered all religious gatherings of more than 20 people suspended till further notice.
“I strongly believe what these churches have done is highly irresponsible and even dangerous.

The reason Corvid-19 spread so fast in Malaysia because of a special religious service that held in one city in the country, which thousands of people attended.
A few infected people attended the program; then infect many others during the service, who in turn spread the disease across the country as they returned to their respective destinations.

Now, we have churches doing the same thing in a city with confirmed multiple cases of Corvid-19. It is not as if there are no alternatives.

With an internet enabled phone, a church can conduct its service and transmit live using Facebook or YouTube. Members can pay their tithes and offerings via electronic transfer. God doesn’t live in a church.

To encourage members to congregate in one place at this time is not only irresponsible but verging on criminality.

These churches should be locked up immediately.

Another person ask rhetorical questions, when YOU NEWS reporter approached him “Is it not irresponsible on the part of Oyedepo to have held service today? Is his action in line with what is expected of leaders?

This is uncalled for and it’s irresponsible coming from him. And the government should as a matter of safety lock the church so as to serve as warning to others.”

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