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Meet Calm Down boy, Ore Babalola

Calmdown boy Oreoluwa Lawal Babalola we learnt is

* Always coming first in school.

* Permanently funny and cracking jokes too high for his age.

* His mum was afraid when the video got leaked to the Social media.

* Their home was crowded this morning for those trying to meet Oreoluwa.

* Oreoluwa was not aware of the internet brouhaha until this morning but the mum was aware.

Who leaked the video though?..YOU NEWS gathered that the mummy sent the video to hubby becos he was always defending him.

A family member got it and send to another person that was how it came out.

Now, governor Sanwo Olu has made plan to see him.. And already their house had become a Mecca of sort.J

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