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COVID-19: Dr. Stella Emmanuel Challenges WHO

General physician and member of the America Frontline Doctors, Dr. Stella Emmanuel, has again challenged the World Health Organization (WHO) and U.S. infectious disease expert, Anthony Fauci, over the drugs she claimed to have been using to cure covid-19 patients.

She asked WHO and Fauci to “open up” on the efficacy of the hydroxychloroquine drug in treating Covid-19.

Recall that Emmanuel, during the week, alleged that hydroxychloroquine, zinc and Zithromax were effective cure for Covid-19.

But WHO had stressed that there was no known cure for the coronavirus.

Emmanuel, in a recent interview with Click to Houston, maintained that she had successfully treated over 400 covid-19 patients using those combination of drugs.

She also claimed that health authorities like WHO and Fauci were aware that covid-19 had a cure.

“Right now, I have treated over 400 patients; this is Houston, my patients are gonna speak up ; you’re gonna talk to them; put something on the news and tell people that have been treated to call.

“I’m upset, this is not acting up, I’m not putting this up; people are dying.

“The studies that we did on hydroxychloroquine was done under Anthony Fauci; this is craziness,” she said.

WHO’s Director of Emergency Response, Dr. Ryan had said that though smaller studies showed positive signs about hydroxychloroquine, larger research showed that it was not an effective cure for Covid-19.

But Emmanuel claimed that studies on the efficacy of the hydroxychloroquine were enormous and not small, adding that it was being downplayed and brushed aside for selfish purposes.

“There are many studies that say it works, there are many studies all over the world that says it works.

“There are over a hundred papers that have been published all over the world, in India, Turkey, France; each time this paper comes out that this thing works, they do a smear campaign.

“If you have treated 400 patients and none of them have died, it is not a minority view,” she mentioned.

She also alleged that big pharmaceutical companies were fighting hard to discredit such drugs because it is affordable.

“Do you know how much hydroxychloroquine cost? 20 dollars. And when you get with zinc, vitamin C … 50 to 60 dollars; you have a full treatment for Covid-19.

“It is a cure , it eradicates the symptoms, it eradicates the virus, we see patients and we put them on hydroxychloroquine, they come back day 7 , day 10 and they are negative.

“They cannot be on board with me because of big pharma,” she said.

But WHO had maintained that a covid-19 vaccine was the only way to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I’m not scared of WHO, FDA, I’m not gonna let people die,” Emmanuel said.

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