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News Analysis : Arewa’s warns Osinbajo ..Why? ,why?

ACF is warning Vice President Yemi Osinbajo over utterance on crack that can led to break up of Nigeria.

What was the utterances?

“Our walls are not yet broken, but there are obvious cracks that could lead to a break, if not properly addressed.”

Now the ACF itself admitted that there were unhealthy cracks in Nigeria, but they don’t want him to make such statements.

How then do we address the crack if we aren’t talking about it?

If we must be honest with ourselves there are obvious cracks that could lead to a break, if not properly addressed

Take for instance the recent appointment of the head of Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) where all the six headship went to the North no Southerner was found worthy.

95 per cent of security heads of Nigeria are from the North.

Certain appointments cannot be given to the South because it is perceived as the exclusive preserved of the North

Let’s talk about it, then we can address the cracks and move forward as a nation.

Then united we shall stand, divided shall fall

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