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Bring back Jonathan for 2023 debate rages.. See yes & no comments…. and you ?

For where ?
He don do his own we are looking for somebody else 2023.

No! Nigeria has to move on. They’ll likely kill him in office and quickly return power to the north.

Yes ooo I love this man he’s d best president I ever have in Nigeria follow by the late president Musa yaraduwa his memory ever liveth in me.please let’s vote for GEJ I beg you let him come back to us i really miss him so much I don’t know about the rest of you.i can lay my life down for this man.

The Truth is that Buhari will be supporting GEJ in 2023. That is a fact.

No! Nigeria has to move on. They’ll likely kill him in office and quickly return power to the north.

No. Never, to complete the rot? The establishment parties should be VOTED OUT.

For where No No
We should move to a better place not going back.

Political criminals are proposing to bring back a man whose wife is still forfeiting properties till today. Wonders shall never end.

We have seen the best of GEJ & his administration was nothing short of failure.

People who think we made a mistake for not rewarding failure by voting out GEJ need to have their heads examined. No where in the world where failure is rewarded irrespective of the outcomes of the replacement. If Jonathan did well, no one would ever consider Buhari who had hitherto been rejected 3 times as a better option.

If you have to blame anyone for Buhari’s emergence, blame Mr. Jonathan. If Yaradua was alive, Buhari wouldn’t have been considered at all. He was true to his 7 points agenda before death came calling. What Yaradua did in less than 2yrs, GEJ didn’t achieve it in 6 years.

Bring back GEJ at your own risk but one thing is certain, you will all start another vicious cycle of complaint again because political businessmen are into politics solely to make profit and nothing more. As for me, it will always be a no-no to any political merchant.


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