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On my way back to Port Harcourt sometime in February after my annual leave, I was accusted by men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

You needed to see how scary this guys were with their AK47 and uncountable magazines which was enough intimidation already.

I flagged my identity and the institution I work for but that wouldn’t deter them.

The tagged the car I bought with my sweat a ‘stolen vehicle’ which is a cliche or mantra for them.

They entered my car and asked me to get to their office.

At their office, I was asked to write down my monthly and annual income which I stated. one of them insisted he must go through my phone even without my permission. Brethren I had to give them my phone and this dude forced me to open my WhatsApp which I locked with my finger print and my text messages too. I was asked to remove my clothing. They asked me to bring 200k; that was my bail out. I had only 15k on me that very day which I pleaded with them to take and let me go but they refused. They threatened to transfer me to their headquarters.

Being smart, I asked them to permit me to go withdraw money which they obliged to but insisted I drop all my gadgets at their office.

Moving out from there, I saw this officer in the picture below and waved at their vehicle and i explained my ordeal with men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) to him. He asked me to wait at a particular point for him. I did lose hope of him returning but he did actually. When he returned, I joined their military van to the SARS office.

Arriving at the SARS office and their seeing the company I had, they changed their tongues to say they only asked me to go get the original copies of my vehicle papers.

I was released and my gadgets given back to me. While Captain drove off with the first van and I was coming behind, these SARS guys followed me behind not knowing a second van was behind. They withdrew when they saw the van. Captain and his men gave me company until I was in a safe area.

One even threatened that he has marked my vehicle and that he will surely come back for me.

I have never met Captain before until that day.
He was my God sent.
I was held by these guys from 2pm till about 9pm when Captain aided my freedom.

There are crazy stories out there as regarding the men of SARS.
Scary and breathtaking stories have flooded the internet in this season.

God bless you Captain Gbawa. God bless Nig Army. God bless Nigeria
(Help me make him popular )

Chidike C Orji


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