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Questions over 78 people that allegedly died in ‘Lekkitollgatemassacre’

Nigerians are commiserating with families who have lost loved ones, and at the same time curious.

They are been encouraged to come out to report.

A source said “We
need epitaph for them all.”

Another soure said “As much as I will not doubt DJSWITCH because she was there and did a yeoman’s job.

This is a matter of Life. I will urge families who lost loved ones at the Lekki tollgate or are still looking for their loved ones who went for the peaceful protest to pls speak up and corroborate the Lady.

I know how it feels to lose loved ones or looking for a family member. Am sure the household will be in disarray if the narratives are true.

History has a place for everyone. This isnt fun at all.

Another source however said ” People calling for corpse count are funny. Where have you seen it that people who lost loved ones are begged or persuaded to speak up?

They don’t need to be told before you see them crying and mourning. Infact, the protesters like Dj switch would have gone to record where the family of the deceased are mourning and circulate it.

That there is nothing like what she has sold to the world, if there was, they won’t have to be begging family of the deceased to speak up to safe the face of our trending DJ.

The burden of proof is on her,instead of weeping emotional sentiments to deceive ignorance ones.

Interestingly, YOU NEWS learnt that what’s called covert operation in military is being alleged.

When over three hundred and fifty Shi’ites were massacred in Zaria in 2015, corpses of the victims of the Kaduna genocide were alleged carted away by the Army and buried in unmarked mass graves.

To date, except for the internet, there’s no record of the Zaria genocide anywhere in Nigeria.

A social media voice reasoned : “Of what use will it be if the families of the Lekki martyrs contact the government? Will doing so resurrect the dead? You can choose to believe that nobody died at Lekki. It’s your choice. You can even believe that the Army never visited Lekki. After all there are people who still don’t believe that the Holocaust ever happened.

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