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Reactions as Tonto Dike says she is Nigeria Christian pilgrim commission’s Ambassador

What’s your take on this?

This is the picture of the extent to which morals have sunk in Nigeria and around the world. Just take a look at what this lady wore to the meeting with the Reverend? I want to believe that this picture is not real. This is outright nakedness. Where are we going in Nigeria? Why do they even need an ambassador? What are they trying to achieve with this? What really do we need the Christian Pilgrim Commission for? Why should the state (government) sponsor anyone to Jerusalem or to Hajj/Mecca? The Christian and Muslim Pilgrim Commissions should be disbanded. If the government sponsors one Christian or Muslim to pilgrimage, then they must sponsor every Christian and every Muslim in the country, otherwise, the commissions need to be disbanded. Whoever wants to go to Jerusalem or Mecca should make their private arrangements to go. Nigeria is blessed with thoughtless leaders.

Bad market for a pilgrimage board

Zizi Cardow just imagine how degrading to the Christian community.

Pilgrim becomes human trafficking

Why do we always make mockery of ourselves in this part of the world. Someone who is unable to sustain her marriage is consider as an ambassador for peace by a Christian organisation. Why are we like this. How do we encourage moral and decency if we keep ignoring people with good moral and character for such a position as this?

Imagine a close ally of Bobrisky being picked as an ambassador for an institution representing Christian interest. Who does that. This really hurts. What is their objective or goal? Are the officials of the Board oblivious of their social environment, have they been deadened in their bubbles that they lost sense of the activities in their environment?

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