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Saturday , 13 February 2016


Dangote Cement’s N300m Promo Targets 2 Millionaires Daily

dangote cement

President of Block Makers Association of Nigeria, Chief Rashidi Adebowale has assured the management of Dangote Cement that his association is solidly behind the company in its efforts at enriching 3,783 of its customers and make two Nigerians millionaires daily.

Speaking last weekend in Lagos, Adebowale said Dangote Cement’s management has proved to be truly Nigerian with the introduction of the best grade of cement and also the decision to enhance the standard of living of its distributors’ and customers.

According to him; “We are very grateful as an association to the management of Dangote Cement for this mega promo. I am very optimistic our members will benefit from this promo. Giving out N300 million at this time of the year is really gratifying. We are happy. We have also instructed our members across the country to aggressively patronise Dangote Cement so as to benefit from the Promo.”

In the same vein, the Chairman of the Lagos Branch of the Association, Alhaji Okunola Abegunde also praised the Management of Dangote Cement with an assurance that with active participation of its members, the promo will be a huge success.

The promo, which will last for three months will produce two millionaires per day as two prizes of one million naira each will be won daily for 90 days by 180 lucky winners for the duration of the promo while a whopping N30 million will be won by a lucky winner every month.

3 Easy Ways Nigerians Can Make Money Through the Internet


There is no denying that a large number of the Nigerian labor force complain of   “unemployment” and “poor pay” on the regular. While many of the population are adequately qualified, most are either unable to secure a job position, or they lack the desired position in the firms they are employed in. Even more, they have little or no savings and cannot raise the required capital to start their own business or become entrepreneurs.

Although the everyday “9 to 5”is the standard employment expectation of Nigerians in cities all over the country, especially Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt, the internet has ensured that there are now alternative ways that these potential workers can make more and earn a living. Aside from checking your emails, searching for information, skyping with friends and shopping, the internet can help anyone make money in quick and uncomplicated ways; even without initial capital or professional skills., Africa’s no.1 online hotel booking site suggests 4 ways people in Nigeria can make some easy money online doing things .

Affiliate Marketing

This sounds super complicated, but it is actually much easier than most physical jobs. With the internet came the social media – blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and more,  and the Nigerian public, especially the working population has embraced it with wide arms. A majority of them are registered and have active presence on these platforms. While having fun, socializing, chatting and posting pictures are the norm on these platform, these users can actually utilize their presence towards making funds by promoting all sorts of companies, products, services and offers online. They can do this by joining an affiliate network online, blog or browse the merchant listings to find something, grab an affiliate link and share it. If someone buys using the link they make a commission. The good thing is that a lot of online platforms for buying and selling have been popping up around the country and are currently in need of sales representatives.

Online surveys

Online surveys are not very popular in the Nigerian market sphere, but companies are starting to indulge more in market research and other strategies that require surveys; and because most people find answering questionnaires and filling forms tedious, these companies now attached monetary incentive to motivate people towards filing their form. Research companies take it a step further by recruiting new members to answer surveys and test new products and for a few minutes of filling forms, the person can make a couple of cash or a reward. It is usually a slow and steady process but it is very convenient as you can work from anywhere and at any time, even from your toilet! Aside from local Nigerian companies, people in Nigeria can also try international and foreign organizations including MySurvey, Global Test Market and more.


This is a tricky one as entering a competition generally does not guarantee a win and can sometimes be not just time-wasting but also exasperating. However, there is a growing community of competitors consistently making lots of money per time, through all sorts of competitions. These competitions vary, from simply liking a post or picture, to reposting and tagging or just filling a form.  You however need to be careful, as some of these competitions might turn out to be fake.

Dangote Cement Splash N300m on Customers in the “Dangote Mega Million Dash Promo”

aliko dangote

In a bid to compensate and enrich its teeming customers across the country, Dangote Cement from Monday November 16, 2015 commenced its biggest promo that will benefit 3, 783 customers. The Dangote Mega Million Dash (#DMMD) promo, which will be activated across the country will run for three months, with total benefits of N300 million to be shared among 3,783 customers.

Two prizes of one million naira each will be won daily for 90 days by 180 lucky winners for the duration of the promo while a whopping N30 million will be won by a lucky winner every month.

Explaining details of the promo, Dangote Group’s Chief Marketing Officer, Mr. Oare Ojeikere said: “To be part of the promo, all it requires is for the customer to buy a bag of cement and cut out the token at top right of bag. Five tokens will make one entry in the draw. Each entry of 5 tokens must be attached to a piece of paper with the participant’s name, phone number and address, placed in a sealed envelope and dropped off at a designated Drop Centre.”

He further revealed that 400 Dangote locations and all Access Bank branches nationwide, will function as Drop Centres for the entries. He assured the customers that the management of Dangote Cement will continue to look for new ways of enhancing their value as the level of acceptability of its products remains unprecedented in the history of Cement business in Nigeria.

Dangote Cement is Africa’s leading cement producer with three plants in Nigeria and recently opened factories in Ethiopia, Zambia, South Africa, Senegal and Cameroon.  It is a fully integrated quarry-to-customer producer with production capacity of 29.25Mta in Nigeria. Its Obajana plant in Kogi state, Nigeria, is the largest in Africa with 13.25Mta of capacity across four lines. The Ibese plant in Ogun State has four cement lines with a combined installed capacity of 12Mta. The Gboko plant in Benue state has 4Mta.

It would be recalled that the company for the nine months ended September 30, 2015 recorded a turnover of N365.5 billion, a 17.8 per cent increase over its corresponding year’s figure. The company, in the same period exported 3.7 million metric tonnes of cement to neighboring countries. The export underscores the fact that Nigeria is now self-sufficient in cement production.

The Chief Executive of the company, Onne Van der Weijde while presenting the result said: “I am pleased to report that sales from outside Nigeria have contributed nearly 29 per cent of volumes so far this year and 39 per cent in the third quarter, which demonstrates that we are diversifying successfully and quickly gaining market shares in new countries.”

While revealing that the company has just acquired 2,000 new trucks to help improve its logistics capabilities and enable it enhance its export of cement to neighbouring countries, he said: “Our key target will be Ghana, where we already have an import terminal that is at present supplied from outside the ECOWAS region.”

The nine months unaudited results released on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) showed that the cement giants’ earnings per share rose by 18.6 percent to N9.80.

Profit before tax at N166.9 billion for the nine months ended 30th September 2015 represents an increase of 8.4 percent compared to N154 billion in the 2014 corresponding period.

A breakdown of the results indicated that the cement group posted an operating profit of N173.5 billion, 6.8 percent higher than N162.5 billion generated in 2014. Nigerian operations accounted for N162.7 billion, West & Central Africa N2.9 billion, while South & East Africa did N7.4 billion.



Foremost financial Institution; Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank), has unveiled the SKS Young Inventor Competition which is expected to run between October 27th and November 30th. The SKS Young Inventor Competition is an amazing journey to find the next generation of inventors and forward thinking citizens, committed to the growth of the country. The bank embarked on this initiative in order to help children give expression to their imagination through invention.

The National Competition is powered by GTBank Smart Kids Save account, as part of a series of activities lined up to commemorate the 10th year anniversary of the SKS product and is open to all SKS customers aged between 4–17 years old.

According to a representative from the Bank, we are excited about the “SKS Young Inventor” competition because it is not just about organizing a campaign for children to win gift items, but about inspiring young minds to aspire for the greatest heights in everything they do and promoting our core values of excellence, innovation and service. These values make us unique and inform our identity as a Proudly African and Truly International Bank.

To participate in the competition, entrants may submit a photograph/drawing or blueprint of their invention along with a written summary describing what the invention can do. Entries can be submitted via e-mail to and all participants are eligible to enter once, as multiple entries will be disallowed. Winners will be notified by telephone or email and a list of prize winners will be published on the corporate website www.gtbank/

The Smart Kids Save account is designed to inculcate financial literacy in children and teenagers early in life as well as promote a healthy savings culture amongst them. Parents can open the account with as low as N1, 000 (One Thousand Naira) in any Guaranty Trust Bank branches nationwide.

The GT Bank Smart Kids Save account is a product designed specially to help parents save for their children as well as teach children about the importance of saving. This new competition from the Bank, is part of a series of activities lined up to commemorate the 10th year anniversary of the SKS product.

Earlier in the year, the Bank held the “Little Picasso Contest” which provided children an opportunity to express themselves through art as well as the ‘In Your Mother Tongue’ Competition that was geared to promote cultural awareness in children.

Extra 9 Ways To Make Money With Irregular Salary

naira money

Even if you’re not among the super-savers who are on their way to becoming 401(k) millionaires, there are plenty of ways to build wealth on the job. Whether you’re just starting out, in your peak earning years, or planning a career second act, here are 9 ways to fatten your paycheck.

1. Begin your career in a wealth-building city.

To maximize your earning potential, minimize the amount you spend on housing—for most people the largest chunk of their monthly budget. According to, three metro areas where job growth exceeds the median 1.3% and housing costs are below the typical 2.9 times income are Dallas (job growth 3.3%, housing costs 2.5x income); Atlanta (job growth 2.4%, housing cost: 2.7x income), and Indianapolis (job growth 2%, housing costs 2.4x income). Plus, these are great places to live: Dallas suburb McKinney and metro Indianapolis both made it onto Money’s annual list of the best places to live, while Atlanta is home to the headquarters of Fortune 500 companies including Coca-Cola and UPS.

2. Don’t wait for a performance review to ask for a raise.

Most companies do performance reviews in February or March; but set budgets before the end of the prior year. If you can make the case for a raise, start the conversation no later than December.

3. Lead with the dollars.

4. Become a free agent.

Workers may get 3% raises in 2015, but execs who jump ship can expect 15%, says the executive search firm Salveson-Stetson Group. A raise like that at the age of 40 can boost lifetime income by 9%.

5. Repackage yourself.

When you were starting out, you may have played up your full work history. As you advance in your career, tailor your résumé to experiences that speak to a specific job—for instance, how you boosted sales at your last position, says Marcelle Yeager, president of Career Valet. Also, put education credentials at the bottom, says professional résumé writer Dawn Bugni. That you got a bachelor’s degree 20 years ago doesn’t mean that much now.

You are more likely to get a raise, and a higher one at that, when you say what you want first and explain why you deserve it second. “It sounds like a trivial difference, but it produces a significantly different outcome,” says negotiations expert Robin Pinkley of Southern Methodist University. You’ll also do better if you couch your request in a range. Asking for an extra $5,000 to $7,000 a year beats plain old $5,000. You’ll seem cooperative and flexible; and make it harder for the boss to return with a lowball counteroffer, according to a new study by Daniel Ames and Malia Mason of Columbia University.

6. Automate your job search.

There are simple ways you can help prospective employers find you with little effort. For starters, make it easy for hiring managers to spot you by filling your LinkedIn profile with keywords associated with the type of job you want. The service will make suggestions for you, but look at job listings posted on the site by companies you want to work for to see what keywords they use as well. Also, sign up for the anonymous job site Poachable, and download the app Poacht.

7. Climb one more rung.

After 45, only the top 2% of earners see real continued wage growth, on average. So it’s time to gun for one more big promotion. For example, while the median salary for a software engineer is $76,000, senior engineers can expect $101,000, according to

8. Switch ladders.

Didn’t snag the pay you deserve? With the economy adding 266,000 jobs a month, you have options. After giving notice, arrange a friendly exit interview with the boss—her endorsement will be valuable in the next switch.

9. Have a Plan B.

Your middle years are crucial savings years, but perilous career wise. On average, unemployed Americans 55 to 64 have been jobless for 11 months. So lay the groundwork for a backup plan; whether it’s a short-term project, freelancing, or a business idea.

Dangote Still The Richest Personage In The Whole Of Africa!

aliko dangote

Alhaji Aliko Dangote has remained Africa’s richest man despite his losses to the devaluation of the Naira and drops in the demand for cement his largest asset.

According to Forbes margazine, Dangote was this “year’s biggest loser in dollar terms as his fortune dropped to $14.7 billion from $25 billion last year, propelled downward by a weaker Naira and shrinking demand for cement, his largest asset. He still retains the title of Africa’s richest man.

The country that has lost the most ground by far was Russia, which now has 88 billionaires down from 111, less than not just the US and China but now also Germany and India.

According to Forbes’ Inside The 2015 Forbes Billionaires List: Facts And Figures, Bill Gates is once again the richest person on the planet, a title he’s held for 16 of the past 21 years.

His fortune grew $3.2 billion since last year to $79.2 billion, despite a gift of $1.5 billion in Microsoft MSFT +0.66 per cent shares to The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in November 2014.

Carlos Slim Helu of Mexico comes in again at number two while revered American investor, Warren Buffett, took back the number three spot from Spain’s Amancio Ortega (now number four); not even the largest IPO in history was enough to beat the Oracle of Omaha this year.

Buffett was the list’s biggest gainer, up $14.5 billion to $72.7 billion, thanks to Berkshire Hathaway’s rising share price. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg moves up five spots to number 16, his first time ranked among the world’s 20 richest. Ma and three other Chinese are among the the biggest gainers and appear among the 50 richest on the list.

Zuckerberg is also the leader in a youth revolution that has minted 46 billionaires under the age of 40.

Youngest billionaire

“The youngest billionaire on the planet is Evan Spiegel, 24, co-founder of photo- messaging app Snapchat. California, driven by Silicon Valley tech companies, has spawned 23 new billionaires, including cofounders of car-hailing service Uber cofounders Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp, and their first employee Ryan Graves. Elizabeth Holmes, who runs blood-testing firm Theranos, debuts on the global list as the youngest self-made woman at age 31. The state now has 131 individuals with 10-figure net worths, more than any other country besides China and the US.


“The year’s biggest loser in dollar terms is Aliko Dangote of Nigeria, whose fortune dropped to $14.7 billion from $25 billion last year, propelled downward by a weaker Nigerian currency and shrinking demand for cement, his largest asset. He still retains the title of Africa’s richest man.

The country that has lost the most ground by far was Russia, which now has 88 billionaires down from 111, less than not just the U.S. and China but now also Germany and India.

“One hundred thirty-eight people from the 2014 list dropped out of the ranks altogether including fashion designer, Michael Kors, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, Zulily’s Mark Vadon and many Russians.

Guatemala has a billionaire for the first time, and Iceland returns to the ranks after a five-year absence, the result of a comeback by Thor Bjorgolfsson, who’s now the only billionaire in Iceland’s history.

UBA’S Tony Elumelu Lists Most Important Success Secrets…& How You Too Can Succeed!

Tony Elumelu

In your own words, who is Tony Elumelu?
I am a very family oriented guy. Of course, I have a very close knit nuclear family but I also regard friends and colleagues as part of my wider family. I am also a very loyal and committed person. I think these values stem from my Nigerian/African background I was born/bred/taught entirely in Africa! I am very proud of that fact. It demonstrates that it is still possible for people with humble backgrounds who work hard, dream big and have a desire for excellence to, with the help of God and a slice of luck, make it here in Africa.
I have built my businesses in this country and on this continent. I have also always thought that knowledge is fungible and very few things in life are new, so problems that seem insurmountable in Nigeria today are the same type of problems that have been solved in other climes. From that perspective, I am a globalist a man with a world view who seeks to learn from other environments and one who adapts solutions to his own peculiar circumstances/environment.

What were your dreams and aspirations at youth?
That’s a good question. I think I always wanted to excel and I have always been interested in business. I was also very interested in the economy and what made economies of nations work. That interest informed my choice of study at university I have, as you know, a first and a master’s degree in Economics. I was also very fortunate as my first place of work provided me with an opportunity to explore some of the notions and ideas I had read about in business magazines as a student. That is very important I believe. Creating and giving young people a safe and conducive environment to explore, learn and grow is one of the things we are trying to replicate with the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme TEEP. Another key ingredient is mentorship. I had a great mentor who guided me and encouraged me to grow. Again, there is an element of that mentoring in TEEP. We basically want to create 10,000 more Tony Elumelus across Africa..

Is Nigeria better now than when you were growing up?
It is very different, that’s for sure. But the word “better” has a number of nuances. The period between 1970 and 1985 can be regarded as my formative years so if we are to draw comparisons one must look at Nigeria then and compare it to Nigeria today. In the early 1970s, Nigeria was emerging from a civil war and had just become a leading oil producing country at a time when oil was regarded as the new “gold”, following an abrupt 4-fold increase in the price of the product. We were governed by a Military regime (up until 1979) and the economy was largely dominated by foreign business interests. We also had a much smaller population. There seemed, prima facie, to be an abundance of opportunity and work. That is my recollection of that period at least until the first major oil shock in the early 1980s. The word “austerity” was introduced into our lexicon in 1983. Things changed thereafter but that period of change also resulted in the early stage liberalization of the economy, which increased opportunity for some indigenous businessmen.
Today’s Nigeria has some similarities with that period but the country has evolved a great deal. The economic space is much bigger the biggest in Africa for that matter. The size of the population is much bigger. The opportunities are more interesting but the challenges we face today are also much more complex.

What were the opportunities that challenged you into going into business?
My first major breakthrough was the acquisition of an insolvent/distressed bank in 1997 Crystal Bank Limited which we rechristened Standard Trust Bank. At the time, there were well over 100 banks in Nigeria as the sector had been newly liberalized. The capital requirement for a banking licence wasa large sum of money but insignificant when you compare it to the requirement for a license after the Soludo/consolidation reforms of 2004. In essence, the banking environment in the 1990s could be described as “volatile”. A number of the banks were weak and competition was very intense. We were lucky. STB went on to become the 5th largest in Nigeria prior to its merger with UBA in 2005.
More importantly, we were able, with the Crystal Bank acquisition,to demonstrate the importance of visionary, strong and focused management in the fortunes of a business. We also introduced a novel concept for this environment at the time called a debt for equity swap to help stabilize Crystal Bank. In essence, we asked some large depositors to show some faith and confidence in our team and vision by taking an interest in the new entity in lieu of their deposits. It worked and other management teams have replicated that formula with varying degrees of success since we pioneered it in 1997! The point I am making is that we tried a new thing in Nigeria but the idea itself wasn’t new. That philosophy is a running theme common to virtually all my business ventures.

How did it all start? When was your breakthrough?
We did the Crystal Bank acquisition I just talked about when I was 34. I was the youngest CEO of a banking institution at that time. I was full of energy and ideas. I was also very ambitious. Suffice to say, the journey started in earnest in 1997.

How early did you get involved in business?

You are now into many sectors of the economy. Is it by chance or were you motivated by government incentives?
I think Government will always be important in creating an environment that is conducive for business growth but incentives alone don’t make an unviable venture profitable or sustainable for the long term. Take our foray into power as an example. We would not have invested in the power generation business if Government had not decided first to privatize its power assets and encourage private sector participation. To that extent, Government policy and commitment were vitally important to that decision. However, our ongoing commitment to the power sector is motivated by the opportunities we see in that sector given the importance of power to an industrial economy or an economy which has aspirations of industrialization.

Your entrepreneurial internship is gaining momentum, what is the motivation behind it and how many young entrepreneurs have been groomed so far?
The Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme has been a long time coming. I have always been clear that entrepreneurship should be the driving force for transforming lives/societies at large in Nigeria and in Africa. I have also long believed that in order to secure the future of our people and our continent, we had to find a way to empower entrepreneurs to do more. My own path has been charted by that spirit of entrepreneurship. I want that same spirit to be more pervasive. That was the motivation for TEEP. We have decided to commit to supporting Africa’s budding entrepreneurs and by so doing, contribute our part to move Africa forward. TEEP is in the middle of accepting applications for the inaugural run, but in supporting 1,000 entrepreneurs each year, after 10 years we will have groomed 10,000 people and prepared them to help transform Africa.

What is this whole idea of Africapitalism?

Africapitalism is an economic development philosophy that seeks to redefine the private sector’s role in the growth and development of African economies and societies. Put simply, Africapitalism, as a philosophy, advocates long-term investment in strategic sectors of the African economy that have the potential to create economic prosperity and social wealth. It is a call-to-action for Africans to take responsibility for our own development and for non-Africans to rethink how best to channel their efforts and investments into the continent.

You’ve ventured into power can you achieve the same success as you have in hospitality and banking?
Absolutely! Let me add that we have also successfully drilled our first oil well; so it is now banking, oil & gas, real estates & hospitality. In my humble opinion, success is a result of drive, discipline and meticulous attention to detail. Those are qualities that can be applied to any sector. We have already seen some marked improvements in the operating performance of the Ughelli Power Plant generation has tripled since we took over 12 months ago and we have ambitions to generate at least 25% of Nigeria’s total power generationrequirements within the next 3 5years. In other words, we want to be regarded as a mainstay for the country in this most critical of sectors. That is an exciting and hugely responsible role to aspire to but that’s what Africapitalism means. We have to impact and meaningfully too! The journey ahead is exciting and by God’s grace will be worthy one for all. Thank you.

(c) Vanguard

Diamond Bank Rewards Mobile App Users in “A Thousand Reasons To Smile” Promo

Users of the Diamond Bank Mobile App are set for a swell time of rewards as the leading retail bank in Nigeria has finalised plans to launch a new promo tagged “A Thousand Reasons of Smiles”.

The promo is designed to reward customers as part of the celebrations that characterize the Yuletide season and will run between December 8, 2014 and January 7, 2015. It is open to customers in Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja who have up to N5, 000 credit balance and also perform up to 3 financial transactions on the app. The first 30 customers who register on the app daily and meet the first two criteria of credit balance and number of transactions would also be rewarded.

Diamond Mobile app, which was recently featured on CNN by popular TV host, Richard Quest has both financial and lifestyle features and is loaded with exciting features to make banking transactions better, faster and smarter. The mobile app enables customers to now search, book and pay for flights, send airtime to contacts on any mobile network and make credit card repayments, among other interesting features.

According to Ayona Trimnell, Head, Corporate Communications, the key objective behind the promo is not just to excite the customers, but to reward them for their loyalty especially at this festive time of the year and encourage them to take advantage of the opportunities that the mobile app offers.

She said: “Diamond Bank is at the forefront of electronic banking in Nigeria. The launch of our mobile app has added a lot of value to the way our customers transact their businesses. Users can now through the app do all their financial transactions.”

Speaking further, she noted that “through this promo, we want to deepen the experience of our customers and most importantly, reward them as a gesture of love in this festive period. The promo is open to both new and existing customers who have not yet registered on the Diamond mobile app. The first 30 customers who register on the platform everyday would get a reward.”

Make 1.2 Million Monthly, Hidden Secret Revealed

naira money

It’s the INFORMATION age coupled with the jet age. A lot of things have changed as against the old school ways. In the past, we were told to “go to school, secure First Class or Second Class Upper, get a good job, and you will live a good life.”

         In reality, this isn’t the case anymore. In the 1970s, 80s and even the 90s, the above statement was valid. You know why? Before you write your final exams, good companies would have lined up to employ you. The reason is obvious.

        There were lesser graduates then and there were
many Companies in Nigeria back then.

       But now, the reverse is the case. For this reason, many Young Nigerians have to find their square roots. Securing a First Class’ Degree is no longer a guarantee that you will have a dream job and live a great life. Fact!

       It’s the INFORMATION age and internet marketing is booming if you learn the ins and outs. Dozens of Nigerian youths have made names for themselves using the power of the internet. I am going to pick on some of these young Nigerians who are doing really great and expose their success secrets to you in this article.

        Their achievements in a single year is worth more than what an average Nigerian (take a banker who earns 200k/mnt as example) will earn in 5years. It’s amazing when you see young hardworking guys earning legitimately online.

       I can personally count a dozen of these guys that recently bought their first car or added another car to their garage. They all have a hidden secret! A positive one that you and i can explore to also achieve greatness soonest.

     There is a secret behind these young Nigerian Internet Marketers changing and Buying cars like t-shirts. Many wouldn’t reveal the hidden secret but, i will!

 Yahoo Yahoo? No!

       Funny enough, when you and i hear about making money online, the first thing that comes to mind is yahoo yahoo. You have been sold the lie! Because of the activities of criminals/ scammers online in the early years of the advent of Internet in Nigeria, many have mistaken anything online money making as scam or illegality.

 Genuine and Legitimate Internet Biz…

      If the owner of FACEBOOK, GOOGLE, TWITTER, FIVERR etc earns legitimate income online, Nigerians also earn Legitimate income online.

      The list of guys i have above include those YOUNG NIGERIAN NETPRENUERS who pride themselves doing legitimate, clean and profitable internet biz.

 What are these guys’ Secrets?

       They (we) are all into Information Marketing. Believe me or not, that’s theHIDDEN SECRET. Many of these guys don’t reveal this to you except you are smart enough to pick the idea by understudying them.

      You may want to ask “what is information marketing?”

       A quick search on for the web definition gives Information Marketing as “The process of selling information-based products.”   

Take for example, you may create a simple 13page Information product (ebook) which teaches:

  •  how to get loan up to N200,000 from microfinance bank

  • how to import goods from abroad and sell for profit

  • how to satisfy your woman in bed

  • how to cure mouth odour

  • how to secure admission into foreign schools

  • how to make money watching football

(The funny thing is that you may not personally create any of the information product yourself)

 You’ll be rich!       

        Once you have the information product, a website in place and you learn different ways of advertising your information products to your target audience, a fraction of them will buy your information product and guess what? You’ll be rich!

       Take for example, i created a product “A-z of importation biz guide“.

        I sell for N6,500. I have a website where i sell it. In a month, i got 10,000 traffic to my website. Out of every 200 visitors to my website, i make a sale. In 10,000 visitors, i will make 50 sales. This means i can earn N6,500 x 50 = N325,000.

     What if i had up to 20,000 visitors to my website  in that single month? It means my income could double to N650,000.

What if i have 2, 3 or 4 different INFORMATION PRODUCTS i sell that bring that kind of result?

Can you now see how these guys earn good income online and change cars like t-shirt?


       These guys weren’t born with this knowledge that now fetch them good income online and make them live their dream lives.

       If you would love to learn all that INFORMATION MARKETING entails within the next 7days via my daily newsletter,

  • The Tricks,

  • The Strategies

  • The Technique and

  • The marketing skills

Hollandia Yoghurt Excites Customers With Fabulous Prizes

hollandia yoghurt promo

Winners in the ongoing Hollandia Yoghurt Refresh ‘n’ Win Promotion have applauded Chi Limited, maker of the yoghurt drink, for keeping to its promise of rewarding consumers who participate in the promo with various mouth-watering prizes worth millions in Naira.

The promo which started in December 2013, and will end on 28 February 2014, is aimed at promoting and deepening the market penetration of Hollandia Yoghurt across the country while also creating awareness for the brand’s value propositions. Till date, the promo has recorded tremendous participation from all parts of Nigeria with thousands of entries being sent in every day.

It is noted that consumers of Hollandia Yoghurt have started winning instant airtime recharge from major telecommunications service providers and prizes including iPads, iPhones, smart phones in weekly e –draws.

The Managing Director, Chi Limited, Mr. Deepanjan Roy says “ Hollandia Yoghurt Refresh n Win promo was conceived to reward the ever growing population of consumers across Nigeria that has made Hollandia Yoghurt their number one drink”.

Consumers are urged to participate in the promo by buying two 1-litre packs of Hollandia Yoghurt in any variant of Strawberry, Plain Sweetened or Pineapple Coconut to get one scratch card at the point of purchase. Alternatively, the consumer can buy two 500ml packs of Hollandia Yoghurt in any variant to get the scratch card at the point of purchase. The customer will then scratch the foil on the card to reveal a unique code. Consumers are allowed to participate as many times as possible.

To enter the promo, the customer is expected to text the unique code, along with other details such as state, name and age, to 30380. The text can be sent through any of the major networks including MTN, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat as well as CDMA networks at a cost of N10. Participants must ensure that the texts are sent in the right format of State (space) Code (space) Name (space) Age to 30380. Participants must keep the original scratch card with them and not throw it away. It is required to claim weekly or grand prize

Participants should ensure that the text is delivered and are advised to contact the promo helpline on 0700chivita for assistance whenever they find it difficult to either submit entries or claim winning prizes. He assured participants that it will take less than five minutes for them to get a response after sending the text while presentation of a form of identification and the original scratch card by prize winners will enable them to claim their respective prizes.

They can also visit the Hollandia Yoghurt Face book page to monitor progress on the promo and leave any message on the page to enable the company to provide a prompt response. A grand prize of a trip to London or Paris would be announced at the end of the promotion.

A cross section of satisfied consumers who expressed their views on the promo said the gifts are bonus on the tasty nourishment that they get from Hollandia Yoghurt which refreshes them inside and out.

Unable to hide her excitement, one of the lucky winners of an ipad, Pius Joy from Enugu, shares the story of how she won: ‘I have always loved the unique taste of Hollandia Yoghurt. When I saw the ad of the promo on TV, I said maybe this is my time. So I started scratching and texting. When I was invited for the draws, I didn’t believe that I will win but I still came. So, when I announced as one of the winners of an ipads . I was really shocked”

Mr. Doyinsola Winner from Abuja, the gift of a smartphone which he won in the second week of the promo has endeared him more to Hollandia yoghurt drink. “I was pleasantly surprised when I received a call from the company’s representative to come and collect the prize after I sent in my entry. At first, I thought it was a joke but after receiving the smartphone, I can only say that people should go out and buy more Hollandia Yoghurt so that they can also win prizes.”

Also, Kalagbor Ruhoma from Rivers says that now that she has won, she would not stop drinking Hollandia Yoghurt. “I used to drink Hollandia Yoghurt once in a while but now that I have won an ipad, I will drink more and more Hollandia Yoghurt until I win a trip to London. I have always dreamed of traveling to London”

The company representative also communicated that no money has to be paid to anybody to claim the prizes. He also request consumers not to get trapped in such problem, not to believe any text or call asking for money.

The promo is open to every Nigerian residing in Nigeria. Everyone in Nigeria is qualified to win. Everyone loyal consumer of Hollandia Yoghurt is entitled to participate.

Hollandia Yoghurt, the nourishing and refreshing drink, comes in variants of Strawberry, Plain Sweetened and Pineapple Coconut. It is available in supermarkets, shops and markets all over Nigeria.