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Five Small Business Ideas That Can Increase Your Income

naira moneyWith the current state of economy, salaries are bound to remain stagnant as companies can not afford to increase their workers’ salaries as they look for ways to reduce their overhead cost.

Good news is, you can increase your own income by having multiple inlet streams. Surprisingly, starting your own business is really simple, you just need to take the first step – checking to see things that you have penchant for.

Tired of answering queries, brainstorming ideas and solutions for employers? Ready to be your own boss? Here are some of the best small business ideas you might find useful.

Personal Shopper: If you’re interested in shopping, and you like working with people, this job could be ideal for you. A personal shopper gives advice and suggestions to customers on products that fit their needs. This could be anything from gifts to household goods to clothing. You do not need any particular qualification to get into this job. As a personal shopper, you’ll shop in a number of stores for your customers. You’ll need to keep on top of trends and know exactly where to get what you’re looking for. Sounds like fun right?!

Online Store: Do you make your handcrafted items? Yes! It’s possible to own your own online store where you can sell your products and items. All you need is an ecommerce website and the right software to start. Nevertheless, several online marketplaces in Nigeria like Kaymu allow you to sell items- fashion, health and beauty, electronics and even handcrafted items on their platform.

Home Made Food Services: Is cooking your expertise? You can turn your passion into a business. Everyone loves a good home cooked meal. With logistic services available everywhere, you can supply different types of foods to individuals and corporate organizations. Also, you can start outdoor catering business as the rate at which outdoor events hold these days have increased more than ever before. These type of events may be weddings, corporate and informal events.

Errand Service: All you need for this job is a car and a telephone. In some ways, the recession has made people busier than ever as people have to work doubly hard. You can make money by helping them work around their busy schedules. Errand services involve performing personal tasks which people are physically unable to do which includes dropping off items, dry cleaning, paying bills etc. To be successful in this business, it’s highly important to network with a lot of people in order to get clients.

Estate Sale Service: If you have some knowledge about selling antiques or used items, you may be able to offer your services in this area. People who need to move or liquidate their belongings usually need help setting up estate sale services. An Estate sale often happens when someone is in need of a way to sell items due to downsizing, moving, divorce, bankruptcy, or death. Most liquidators will charge a commission of a percentage of the net profit and this is a really cool way of getting some extra cash.

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