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Buhari Criticised Over Ramadan Dinner With Physically Challenged

buhari,ramadanFor making a public display of it,PMB Buhari is under severe criticism after the ramadan evenin g session with the physically challenged persons…I am a Muslim and understands the doctrine. Prophet Muhammed (SAW) fed people at his table without talking about it. People who witnessed the act talked about the actions. If Buhari truly wish to feed the poor, what’s the need to take photographs? You will be amazed how much people give from little or much that God has given to them without calling CNN to capture. Give to the right so the left wouldn’t know.

Some of these gestures might not have called for criticisms if they didn’t appear so contrived for publicity. Not all disabled people are poor and baldly in need, and these guys in the photos look quite well fed. What appears humiliating is that the food is set at a level that they cannot help themselves without the president dishing out the food.

This table appears to be set for the high and mighty, or to make a show of the president ‘spoonfeeding’ the physically challenged. It simpky re-enacts the challenges these class of people face at bank counters, pedestrian bridges, shopping malls, the public transport system, etc. This may have boosted the president’s image, but it certainly didn’t improve the guys’ image of themselves. Just a ‘One Night Stand with the President.’ How many physically challenged people are in his cabinet or in his many appointments. That’s what his advisers should tell him to do, not feed them for only a day

.The prophet fed people who came to break the Ramadan fast with him, he ensured that everyone got their food before he sits down to join them. That is what this man did here. If anyone is offended by it, that’s the person’s problem.

This is the holy month of Ramadan, men can say whatever they like, his reward is with Allah. And by the way, I don’t see the relevance of Obama’s picture here. He didn’t copy Obama but our beloved prophet. May Allah continue to guide us


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